It is just 1 month to my birthday, and just one year by Gale Forman will be released only 2 days afterwards. so to celebrate these two amazing things i am giving away a paperback copy of Just One Day the first book in this series.

here is the video with all the details


July… In which my budget dies a horrible death.

well you know what they say a book a day keeps your money away… and that’s exactly what happened this month with a total of 31 books which does not even need me to calculate how many books that is a day.. a book EVERY SINGLE DAY… making this the worst book buying month for me EVER when i started this i was sitting at a book every 1.3 days which is still better than this month… next month i am going to cut right back so my budget can recover… but for now lets look at the pretty books.

ok as we are well into august now and i haven’t got the pictures i will just give you the video version

… welcome to the wonderful world of Vlogs

So recently I have started watching book vlogs (video blogs for all you who don’t know) and i have to say i am obsessed. i can’t say what it is maybe it is the fact that you can actually see the person raving about the book or maybe it is simply that you connect more with someone talking to you then reading text (despite this sounding an awful lot like “why read the book when you can watch the movie) so i have decided to try and dip my toe in the wide world of booktube… and as my wonderful readers i feel i should tell you guys first… cause really who else would i tell?

well here is a link to my first video… and yes it is rough but what do you think?

while i am at it i may as well point you in the direction of the top 3 Book Vlogers who made me want to give this a go.




also i know that i was meant to put up my books that i may have accidentally bought too many of for the last month today, but i will have to do it tomorrow… as i spent most of this afternoon talking to a camera… it is harder than it looks.