Rate That Cover: The One

So today’s rate that cover is the cover for the third and final book in the selection trilogy, The One. and here is the cover


absolutely beautiful cover that matches the series perfectly. i called that it would be a white dress and i’m stunned by how beautiful it turned out. this is a series full of beautiful covers and i will not deny that the cover was the reason i first picked up the selection.

ts te

but Kiera Cass was not finished there the cover for the selection stories was also released and is also quite beautiful and matches just enough to tie in to the rest of the series while differentiating itself from the main covers



Cover Face Off: Ignite Me

Now i usually do not put too many covers posts in a row but i could not help myself when i saw that Tahereh Mafi‘s 3rd book in the Shatter Me series has not only released the title but the cover and as someone who has just bought the first two books in hardcover I am jumping around like a crazy person.



and it is absolutely beautiful. to me this cover appears to capture Dawn and sprng which I think is a lovely image for the last book of a series especially as the first cover always reminded me of dusk and autumn. there is not much to say about this as I think it is just about the perfect cover.

  sm 13104080

with the repetition of the eye, with the water in the corner becoming smaller, with each book and the repeated motif of the bird within the eye the beauty of  these covers is really in the details

so which of these gorgeous covers is your favourite?

Rate that Cover: Cress

It is time for another Rate That Cover and this time it is the cover reveal for Cress book 3 in the Lunar Chronicles this time showcasing Rapunzel.


one thing I love is the title Cress is a type of lettuce drawing that connection to how Rapunzel got her name. while I don’t find the cover to fit perfectly into the set it does not stand out as wrong and considering Rapunzel is the princess with the golden hair and gold is not one of the colours included in previous covers the cover actually does a great job of fitting in. The cover is not quite as dark as the first two but still manages to capture the mystery and intrigue of the first two.


and when you look at the cover as an individual it is really just GORGEOUS. The glimmer on the red ribbon really bringing it to life. all in all I must say I really LOVE this cover but what do you think?

Cover Face Off: Hero

Now for the book that has gone through the most cover changes before it has even been released, i am of course talking about book two of the amazing Alethea Kontis’s woodcutter sisters series, Hero. although in fairness these cover changes may just be the result of the author keeping us in the loop through every cover change not just releasing it once it has been confirmed as many authors do. Now this book is the sequel to enchanted and as such I will show you a copy of the first book


so as you can asses not only which of these 2 covers are prettiest but also which YOU think looks better with this beautiful cover. once again I plead with you to please vote in the poll because it is so much more fun when we can see what everyone thinks

so for hero covers we have 2 options


Option 1


Option 2

while i can see advantages to both covers i personally like option 1 better. while #2 shows off the gorgeous calligraphy a little more I like a little more colour in my covers and i love the bright blue dress and the image just looks that little more natural to me. but let me know what you think because as Option 2 is the cover that has been chosen (at least for now) my opinion may just be the minority.

Rate that Cover: Allegiant


WOW i don’t know what i am more surprised about the fact that this cover art is out or the fact that i actually am able to show you this so quickly (with my track record) so what do you think? Roth managed to surprise us all with her choice of title and personally she has surprised me with her cover as well. so far each of her covers have been fairly similar.

Div ins

Dark colours and a symbol for one of the factions in dead center. this new cover while at first glance looks similar enough with the tag line, city scape and circle insignia the insignia of this book is not one of the factions (at least those we know now {super secret faction maybe?}) or maybe i am reading way to far into this and she is just representing the elements fire, earth and water. the other thing you may notice is the city scape on the cover gets progressivly closer as the series goes on and i suppose you could say that the covers get progressively lighter. so really the only thing that surprises me in this cover is the insignia (which by the way i still think is kick ass)


despite this i think this cover still sits well in the series and i still can’t wait to read it

what do you think?

Cover Face Off: The Land Of Stories

Well i wanted to be the first to reveal the cover for the second book in Chris Colfer’s Amazing fairytale inspired series for children unfortunately i missed the release and so now that it has been out for a month it is more than likely that at least some of you have seen it already. if you have you may be aware of the unavoidable which cover is better debate that has begun and what better place to bring it to light then on a blog so have your say which cover do you like better?

The Wishing Spell


The Enchantress Returns


Personally while i LOVE both covers and am in no way disappointed with the cover for the second book i think Book 1:The Wishing Spell just beats Book 2: The Enchantress Returns. if for no other reason other than the first book captures the essence of fairy-tales more (at least in my opinion). It was the cover of this book that drew me to reading this series despite my doubts of Colfer as a writer (as i doubt all famous people who decide to write a book) i was pleasantly surprised but that is a post for another day. Both covers are so detailed and intricate that you can stare at them for ages and there is always something new to see.

ok time to vote. which cover do you prefer?

Series Review: The Vincent Boys

These Reviews May Contain Spoilers

the reason I picked up these books was the cute bright covers unfortunately, for me at least, this was a case of don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

Series Rating 1.5 Stars

The Vincent Boys ~ Abbi Glines


Rating 1.5 Stars

This book was an interesting enough read. But as far as stories about love triangles go this one was very lopsided. For most of the book I hated Ashton because she loved Beau, He loved her and she was willing to cheat on Sawyer but not break up with him because it would be bad for her reputation… yes you heard her right apparently cheating is better than a break up. This ended up hurting everyone involved and just made a huge mess in general. That being said I loved when Beau took over the story he is charming and bad ass but still a genuinely sweet guy, Sawyer however was shown as mostly one dimensional stereotypical boring “prince charming” character. I am hoping the next story sees him grow as he and Lena are obviously meant to be together… in this world where opposites clearly don’t attract

The Vincent Brothers ~ Abbi Glines


GAHH what is it with this series? after reading the first book i hoped for something more from sawyer. for him to be given more depth, to be more than just prince charming. and he was… he became a Royal pain in the ass. for most of this book he is a JERK. not only does he knowingly play with Lana’s feelings but he willingly admits that before she changed herself for him she was ugly… hmm wait hold up… isn’t that exactly why it didn’t work out with Ashton? because she CHANGED HERSELF FOR HIM… I thought they were cute together in the last book … now that I have heard Sawyers thoughts not so much Lana on the other hand I liked, she was sweet kind and just a little bit broken. not only that, she went after what she wanted and was strong enough to walk away when something was not good for her. as the only 2 redeeming characters I am firm in the belief that Lana and Beau should just run off and be happy together (if it wasn’t for the fact that they would both be miserable because they like their jerky partners)… that being said the end of the book brought some sweet moments even if things wrapped up just that bit too nicely.

Also By This Author


Cover Rant

If there is one thing I HATE about books coming out as movies (no matter how wonderful the movie is) is the release of the EVIL that is MOVIE COVERS. not only do movies very often (usually through necessity) bend the plot but putting actors on the cover i feel tells you what the characters are MEANT to look like changing how you view them. now before you tell me it is no different to the “photo covers” that so many books lean towards not only do i not personally like those covers (usually) anyway but they are not usually the books affected and the movie covers often give a better shot of a full specific person rather than just a snipped of A person. … that may not be clear but to make my point here are some examples


twilight may not be the most popular book but it did go from symbolic covers to this ^ crap

book-cover-beastly-film-20558308-350-500 VSbeastly-movie-tie-in-cover


this one in Particular infuriates me. not only is the original cover near perfect for the story but the movie changes everything so much that the characters on the front look nothing like they do in the book (she is meant to be a red-head and he a huge hairy beast… not just tattooed)


saphira%20book%20cover VSeragon

Firstly this book is about DRAGONS which one captures that best? further more they try to squeeze way to many characters on that cover and many of them don’t match their descriptions.

W4E-book-coverand water-for-elephantsVS WFE_book

this is one of the covers that while i still don’t like the movie cover it still manages to capture the same feel and magic as the others do. this may be in part that the old covers are photographs as well.

finally the book that started this rant The Host

The HostVS the-host

the feel is lost. there is less focus on the “soul” and more focus on the love triangle and I just generally am not impressed by this cover


I do feel the need to give a shout out to Harry Potter for the fact that Despite the HUGE movie franchise they NEVER released Movie covers they kept the two separate.

what about you are there any movie covers that have actually impressed you?