Top 10 (or So) Book Series I Need To Start

series to start

There are so many books out there that i am constantly being barraged with new books, which are often only the first books in the series. some have been sitting on this list for a very long time while others have only just made an appearance while waiting has it’s advantages such as with Unearthly by the time i got around to reading it the whole series was out while others are just a case of i really, really want to read them but they just keep getting pushed down the list.

11 Legend ~ Marie Lu


yes 11 because i can’t count. … or narrow anything so so interested in this series… have heard nothing but good things about it and have actually had the first book sitting on my e-reader since i got it in December.

10 Chaos Walking ~ Patrick Ness


I am not entirely sure what this series is about (Hence it holding 10th place) but i have heard nothing but good things about it and it is inevitable that i will eventually pick it up.

the first book in this Series is The Knife of Never Letting Go and that is the reason that even if i had not found glowing reviews about this book i would of picked it up. so intriguing (but really need to find out what this is actually about)

9 The Lord Of The Rings ~ J.R.R. Tolkien


yep i have yet to read this series… this is despite being an avid reader of fantasy, loving epic quest-y books and just generally liking LONG books, this believe it or not is also in spite of having a beautiful illustrated hard cover omnibus volume that i inherited from my dad… i really have no excuse for not reading this one other than it is sooo huge that it works perfectly well as a bookend and i just haven’t had time… also with so many people telling me i “have to read it” every time i think about it, it just feels like required reading

8 The Once And Future King ~ T.H. White


if you are a regular reader you may remember this book appearing in the books i bought last month While i had been waiting to get my hands on a nice copy of this book for a while i am not surprised that i have not yet read it. this omnibus volume is 858 pages worth of Arthurian legends told in old fashioned flowery language, while i am dying to read it i doubt it will help me achieve my goal of reading 300 books this year… a task that i have already fallen behind on… i think i will choose a smaller goal next year so i can take on meatier reads without a worry.

7 The Tiger Saga ~ Colleen Houck


again this one i am not 100% sure what it is about but with the GORGEOUS covers and the split reviews i have been curious as to what i will think about this series. but as i do not have a copy of the first book Tigers Curse and the library has yet to stock the first book (despite the rest of the series sitting on the shelf) who knows when i will get around to reading it.

6 Daughter of Smoke & Bone ~ Laini Taylor


this series has been recommended to me by countless people most notably my favorite bookstore attendant (who i must say has amazing taste and is yet to lead me wrong)…  and yet i have yet to find it on my shelves…. i am not entirely sure why (particularly when i saw the pretty cover) the titles are enticing and you will defiantly find me devouring this series in the not too distant future… but i think i will wait until the release of the last book because something tells me once i start i will not want to stop.

5 Throne of Glass ~ Sarah J. Maas


the first book has been sitting on my bookshelf unread since it’s release date (I bought it and got a free copy of Shatter Me) after reading the blurb i was instantly reminded of Poison Study by none other than the great Maria V. Snyder, and so it was no surprise that i decided i HAD to read it, and when you see it’s Kick Ass cover it is no surprise that i HAD to have it, i have actually picked this up to read a couple of times this year (because i am just DYING to) but i am making myself wait until Crown of Midnight (book #2) comes out at the end of August… on a side note how epic are those titles?

4 Shatter Me ~ Tahereh Mafi


Like Throne of Glass this book has been sitting on my shelf unread for nearly a year and like Throne of glass i am waiting to get my hands on the sequel …. yes it has been released my problem of course is despite getting a perfectly good copy of the book (for free might i add) it is the wrong cover… so i am trying to get my hands on the beautiful Eye cover which continues throughout the series

A Song of Ice and Fire ~ George R.R. Martin


Most People will be familiar with this series (although they may merely know it as Game Of Thrones) like many people i only heard about this series after the TV show aired and while i have yet to watch it i am very excited by this series. however with this series there are most defiantly things that have led to my not reading it (yet). firstly every time i have walked into a book store to look at buying the books i have been confused as to the order of the books, thanks mainly to some editions halving the books while others don’t (but this has been mostly eliminated thanks to goodreads) secondly this series is filled with massive scarily big books and from what i have been told a tonne of characters and while that sounds intriguing it defiantly tells me i will want to read  this series all together (because the all have told me by the end you NEED the next book) which is where you have come to the main reason i am not in any rush  to start reading this series. currently we have 5 of the 7 books in the series… this series was started 17 years ago… while this is understandable considering the size of the books when you consider that the last book in the series is not expected for release until 2019 you can understand why i am in no HUGE rush, plus when you add in the fact i am crazily obsessive compulsive about my covers matching it is understandable (particularly when there is over 150 versions of the first book) that i wait until all the books are out before buying a lovely matching set

2 Covenant ~ Jennifer L. Armentrout


while i did manage to get the first book (half-blood) from the library i did really want to read the entire set together and i had to return it before i collected them all. from the blurb this sounds a lot like Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy series, a series that i must admit i loved to death. as such i am more than curious about this one (must just remember not to compare them too much. also once again how GORGEOUS are the covers.

1 Percy Jackson and the Olympians ~ Rick Riordan


while many people are raving about the spin off series The Heroes of Olympus i myself have yet to even read the wonder that (i am sure) is this series. while i loved the movie for the first book (Percy Jackson and the lightning thief) i have been itching to read the original story particularly as it has an entire series for me to immerse myself in.


Top 10 Dos and Don’ts of books on a budget.

Sign dollar and the books on scales. 3D image.Bit of a different top ten this time. hopefully this helps the rest of my Broke book-loving friends

10) Do make use of the library. it is FREE enough said. i am lucky enough that my library is great. it is HUGE. and has a fairly good range of books. so far the only downside to my library is they are yet to stock any New Adult books which are my favorites at the moment. just because you borrow a book from the library does not mean you can’t buy it. i look at the library as a great Try before you buy system and if you are like me and going through more than 4 books a week it can quickly save you a tone of money.

9) Don’t walk into bookstores. you are broke. you have no money. you can’t really afford to buy any books… there is no harm in window shopping? you will just browse?? you just want to check the prices??? NO avoid the siren call of the bookstore. nothing good can come out of walking into the arms of the beautiful creature waiting to drown you in debt.

8) Do  swap books with friends. so if for example i have 400 books on my shelves and you have 350 books on your shelf and John Smith over in the corner there has only 250 books on his shelves if we combine our collections all of a sudden we have 1000 books. sure we might have some doubles but the more people you are sharing books with the more variation you will have. this comes with the added bonus that you get recommendations. you are friends with these guys. chances are you will have some things in common.

7) Don’t  make friends with people who work in bookshops. i don’t care if they are nice, lovely wonderful, amazing, funny or any of those wonderful qualities you use to choose friends. They will be amazing at their jobs. they will have amazing recommend AMAZING books that you just HAVE to read and how are you to resist when the book is sitting right there in arms reach and what are a few dollars really going to hurt anyway right?

6) Do have a list we all have To-Read lists. I for one know my To-Read list is now longer than my Read list and growing longer everyday. but you need a second much shorter list a wishlist… or To-Buy list  most books on this list i hate to say must have been read already although there are a few exceptions. Books in a series that you have already bought (because you need the entire set), Books by your favorite Authors (i know i am going to love that new Snyder book so why wait),  books under $3 if a book you have been interested in reading shows up at an outrageously cheap price you would be a fool to decide to wait until after you read it and pay 3 times the price.

5) Don’t shop online without a specific book in mind. while checking prices online can be a great way of not only saving money (check out Fishpond for discounts for up to and over 50%) but also accessing books you may be unable to find in-store. it is dangerous to be able to shop at any time for as long as you like particularly when you can’t actually see quite how much you have bought. it is easy to get click happy (particularly with cheap books such as eBooks) and it adds up quickly. This tip probably works just as well in-store but when shopping in-store not only can you see just how much you are buying (if you can no longer carry it it is time to stop) and you are also better able to judge if you will like what you are buying. you can flick through it and see just how big the book is. while some online stores now offer those free samples (particularly of eBooks) not all of them do and it is hard to visualize just how big 386 pages is.

4) Do wait for sales and shop around. so the latest book in your favorite series has just come out and you race around looking for it because you need to have it NOW. but stop and think do you really need it the day it is released? buying a book the day it is released generally leaves you with only a few options of where to get it. the evil wonderfulness that is a book shop. most book stores will charge you the RRP which is often at LEAST $20-$30 now this may not seem much to pay for the next installment of a great story but if you wait a week or so department stores will start getting them as well usually at a reduced price. i made this mistake only this week going on a spending spree at Dymocks totaling nearly $100 only to see the books pop up at Big W the next day at nearly half the price and i had yet to even start reading any of these books. if you are determined to buy a book waiting a few days or so (until you are ready to read it) can save you a bucket-load… and if money is not your thing just imagine all the extra books you could buy

3) Don’t buy books because they are on sale. we have all done it seen a book that while only mildly interested us we have snatched up because it was 10, 20, 30% off. because hey it’s cheap if we don’t like it at least we didn’t pay full price. but the question is did you really want it? and could you really afford it? the answer is usually NO. only 2 days after spending all that money in Dymocks i get an Email from them telling me of a sale i get any 1 full priced book for 30% off “hmmm” i thought to myself ” well i can’t miss this” and raced myself down to the store and browsed through the collection to pick my 30% off book now i am smart so i figured i would outsmart them and buy the most expensive book that i wanted in order to save more money… (yes i also had to spend more) now the only problem was i found 2 equally expensive books that i wanted to buy and i could not choose which one i wanted… so i bought both… Yes the bookshop won. moral of the story. Sales are the shops way of making you spend MORE. sure take advantage of them but don’t go shopping just because there is a sale.

2) Do create a budget. this is one of my favorite tricks on this list at the beginning of the year i started putting at least $10 a week into a bank account i use only for books. now while that isn’t much (when you consider how many books i buy) by putting away money i am controlling my spending and i get used to missing that money out of my day to day expenses. the best part is that you are still allowed to buy books. and trust me when you are working on a budget you will be more clever with what you buy. i know there are books coming out that i will want to buy so i may save my money for a few weeks so i can buy them when they come out.

1) Don’t be afraid to try eBooks. until i got my eReader (i use a kobo) for Christmas i was firmly in the belief that they were evil. now that i have one i must admit i have fallen a little bit in love with my guilty pleasure. not only are eBooks often cheaper than hard copies (not that i have yet to pay for an eBook) but so many books are not available in print, so i actually have more to read. plus there are so many free eBooks available both through the regular stores for classics to copies given out buy authors for free merely for a review.

* I may or may not follow my own advice

Top 10 Fairy-Tale Retellings


It has been brought to my Attention that in is Fairy Tale Fortnight, as a lover of all things fairy-tale I feel it is only right to commemorate with a top 10

Now you may notice there are no Cinderella’s included in this list this is not because I don’t like Cinderella (although miss original insta-love can annoy me, most retellings fix her up) but merely because there are so many that soon she will have her own post Top 10 Cinderellas (although this is a very specific field so feel free to suggest your favourites) also I am going to try and maintain some variety so I am going to try and keep it to 1 per fairy-tale as such you may not recognise all the fairy-tales but I believe you will enjoy them regardless . …on that note the more observant of you may notice that the majority of these come from the same series of books, although they are by different authors. this is because this series (or set rather as they don’t continue) is amazing (Read it)

10 Mermaid: A Twist on the Classic Tale ~ Carolyn Turgeon


Retelling of: The Little Mermaid

Time Period/Location: Once upon a time in a land far far away.

Info: In this original take of the little mermaid a princess and a mermaid vie for a prince’s heart. told from bot the mermaid’s and princess’s POV this heartbreaking story see’s two girls risk everything for something they want, something only one of them can have.

9 Golden ~ Cameron Dokey


Retelling of: Rapunzel

Time Period/Location: Once upon a time in a land far far away.

Info: when a man steals Rapunzel (a type of parsley) from an enchantress’s garden to fulfil his vein and pregnant wife’s craving he is caught. the enchantress then proceeds to make a bargain with the wife, all the rapunzel she wants but in payment if she could not look at her child with love the enchantress would claim her. when the babe is born bald with no hope of growing hair the mother hands over the babe to the witch. this is a very unique take on the tale but the tale is still there.

8 Beauty Sleep ~ Cameron Dokey


Retelling of: Sleeping Beauty

Time Period/Location: Once upon a time in a land far far away.

Info: The Princess Aurore was cursed as a baby that at the age of sixteen she would prick her finger and sleep for 100 years when she will be awakened by the kiss of a prince. when she discovers that this cure will not just harm her but is also harming her kingdom she runs away into the enchanted woods with the thought to protect her people. in the forest she comes across a young prince searching for a enchanted princess in the very center of the woods for it is his destiny to wake her with a kiss.

7 Water song ~ Suzanne Weyn,


Retelling of: Frog Prince

Time Period/Location: WWI Belgium

Info: While war rages Emma has yet to truly experience its effects. when she and her mother travel to the family estate in Belgium they never imagined they would be anything but safe but when her mother is killed in an air raid Emma soon finds herself all alone in the center of a war. when the enemy chooses her house as a headquarters for their war effort Emma finds herself protecting an American soldier, she found nearly dead in the bottom of her well by claiming him as her husband.

Sunlight and Shadow ~ Cameron Dokey


Retelling of: The Magic Flute

Time Period/Location: Once upon a time in a land far far away.

Info: Mina Is the daughter of the Queen of the night and the king of the day. a prophecy states that she will change the balance. she is raised by her mother with the knowledge that come her 16th birthday she would go to live with her father. but on the eve of her birthday her father kidnaps her and she is thrust into her fathers world. with an adopted sister that he always had time for, and the promise that she would marry her fathers knight of day to sway the prophecy in his favour. but somewhere far away she hears the bells that call to her heart.

5 Beastly ~ Alex Flinn


Retelling of: Beauty and the Beast

Time Period/Location: Modern Day New York

Info: Kyle Kingsbury had everything you could want. he was rich, popular, and the perfect good looks. His cruelty attracts the attention of a witch who turns him into a beast. he has one reprieve however, one chance. his one act of kindness (the simple gift of a rose) has bought him 2 years, 2 years to find someone he can love, and who he loves in return. but who can love a beast?

4 Crimson Thread ~ Suzanne Weyn 


Retelling of: Rumpelstiltskin

Time Period/Location: 1880’s New York

Info: Bertie has just arrived in New York from her home in Ireland. for the “land of opportunity” but they struggle to get enough food on the table, Bertie is lucky enough to get a job as a seamstress for textile tycoon J. P. Wellington. everything is fine until Wellington finds his business going down hill. Bertie’s father claims she can save them being such a good seamstress she can “practically spin straw into gold”. luckily in her short time in America she has made a few friends. including a man who goes by the name of Ray Stalls, who just happens to be able to turn the drab fabric into brilliant shining dresses. all that is left is the small matter of payment.

3 Ice ~ Sarah Beth Durst


Retelling of: East of the Sun, West of the Moon

Time Period/Location: Modern Day Arctic research station

Info: as a little girl Cassie’s grandmother told her about her mother who made a deal with the polar bear king and was swept away to the ends of the earth. now that she is older she knows that was just her grandmothers way of saying she had died. that is until her 18th birthday when the Polar bear king comes for her. her mother is alive and he will rescue her, if only Cassie would be his wife.

2 Violet Eyes ~ Debbie Viguié


Retelling of: The Princess and the Pea

Time Period/Location: Once upon a time in a land far far away.

Info: when the prince stumbles into her farm it is love at first sight for Violet. the prince loves her too but he knows he will not get to marry for love. for his parents are convinced that he shall marry the perfect princess. the fairest, daintiest, most delicate princess, a competition that Violet as a farm girl has no chance of winning. but she is not about to let that stand in her way of true love.

1 Snow ~ Tracy Lynn


Retelling of: Snow White

Time Period/Location: Industrial Revolution England

Info: this sticks to all the basics of Snow white… until suddenly it doesn’t. Jessica is the beautiful duchess who was raised by servants after her mothers death and fathers heartbreak. when her remarries a beautiful (and intelligent) woman while at first her new stepmother seems to want the best for her (if she is not a little strict) as Jessica grows older and more beautiful her stepmother grows jealous until fearing for her life Jessica escapes to London, and that is where the story really begins.

Top 10 Simon Pulse Romantic Comedies



Yes this is a very specific Top 10 but I loved these books from the moment I picked them up, from the original cute cartoon covers to the wonder of being introduced to a range of wonderful authors. So here is the Top 10

10 30 Guys in 30 Days ~ Micol Ostow *

30 guys

Claudia has just broken up with her long-term high school boyfriend to discover herself at college rather than trying to maintain the relationship long distance. The trouble is it has been so long since she was single she has completely forgotten how to flirt or even talk to guys. So when her roommate challenges her to meet a new guy every day for a month as “target practice” Claudia agrees. Will Claudia Find a new Mr right or will she realise she had him from the start.

9 The Ex Games ~Jennifer Echols


Hayden and Nick were once a couple but a bet and a hugely public breakup left them “just friends” well less than that really more like their friends were dating each other so they just had to deal. When Nick claims that boys are better athletes then girls and says that despite Hayden’s recent snowboarding comp win that she would not stand a chance against a guy it is war. A battle of the sexes quickly heats up with the girls siding with Hayden and the boys with Nick. The prize losers buy the winners tickets to the concert on Valentine’s Day.

8 In The Stars ~ Stacia Deutsch, Rhody Cohon


Sylvie is the complete opposite to her best friend Cherise. While they both look to the stars Sylvie follows in her mother’s footsteps as an astronomer while Cherise sees the future written in them, with frightening accuracy. So when she tells Sylvie that Prince charming is coming her way she grudgingly agrees to give it a shot if he asks by the end of the day. Sure enough by the end of the day she has a date. But what if Prince charming, the guy written in the stars as her destiny is not able to claim her heart?

7 Getting To Third Date ~ Kelly McClymer *

3rd date

Katelyn is a freshman at college. But she has a secret identity; she is Mother Hubbard, the relationship advice columnist for the collage newspaper. But when the students complain about her strict no non-sense dating advice, her editor hatches a plan. Tyler finds out about Katelyn’s strict 3 date rule and challenges her to give a chance to 3 guys that she had already written off. Considering that Tyler is her current crush it’s not like she is likely to say no. but with Tyler head over heels for her Roommate maybe love is waiting in the past.

6 Drive me Crazy ~ Erin Downing


For the last year Kate has been Dreaming of that one kiss she shared with Lucas last summer at the Lake. This summer her and her friends are road tripping it back to the lake in “Love” (so cool there is a place called love) where Kate wants Lucas to meet her so they can begin this summer where they left off. She is ready for a week of Fun on the Road with her friends but when Alexis’s annoying, sarcastic and downright irritating cousin crashes their road trip Kate can’t wait to reach Love and escape into Lucas’s arms.

5 Major Crush ~ Jennifer Echols


Virginia Used to be a beauty queen and a Majorette in the school band but a secret caused her to swap the tiara for a nose ring and try out for drum major the only catch is she is forced to share the title with legacy Drew. Sure he is hot but that does not make him any easier to work with. When given the ultimatum, learn to work together or lose the title, she a Drew form a tentative friendship and soon sparks fly. But with rumours floating around and an evil ex-girlfriend still in the picture they will struggle to keep the band together let alone themselves. i just love Hate -> books

4 Ripped At The Seams ~ Nancy E. Krulik *

Ripped at the Seams

Sami is a small town girl with big dreams. She moves to new you with the dream of making it as a fashion designer and putting her town on the map.  But she soon discovers that the city is not all she thought it would be when someone is murdered in her hotel and that not everyone is to be trusted when her new boyfriend steals her designs. Will Sami be able to make it in the big city or will she return home to her father with her tail between her legs? And will she find her Mr Right in a city where there are so many Mr Wrongs?

3 A Novel Idea ~ Aimee Friedman

Novel idea

Norah is a good student. She gets good grades and hopes to be off to college after graduation. The only problem is her choice collage wants more extracurriculars. So Norah sets up a book club and an interesting group of people join. From Queen bitch Francesca to science geek Neil but one in particular has caught Norah’s eye James is a hottie and he has great taste in books (what more could you want right?) and Norah decides she will do whatever it takes to get his attention. Whatever it takes turns out to be recreating scenes from her latest trashy romance (yeah I would totally do this). But Norah’s isn’t the only secret plot and everyone in the book club may just be looking for love.

2 She’s Got The Beat ~ Nancy E. Krulik *


Miranda was a quite girl from a small town. She is off to college in Austin when at the graduation party her long term boyfriend Denny drops the question. She refuses knowing that if she accepted she would never leave her hometown. When she moves to Austin she finds Love in the form of the drums (and maybe her sexy Drums teacher) behind the drums Miranda goes wild but when a new guy starts haunting her thoughts Miranda finds herself chasing someone who just doesn’t seem interested.

1 The Boys Next Door ~ Jennifer Echols

The Boys Next Door

This was the first. So it’s top of the list status may have a small amount of bias. That being said it is a truly original story and started my love of romance books when I was only 13. Lori is a 15 year old girl who has been crushing on Sean one of the 3 boys next door. He is a senior and one of the popular kids at school. But at the end of this summer Sean will be driving away to collage so Lorrie hatches a plan to catch him. But when Sean is seen Making out With Rachel at a Party Lori knows she has to up her game and Sean’s brother Adam is more than happy to help her. But Adam has an dangerous streak and Lori needs to decide just how far she is willing to go for a shot at love.

these books are most definatly trashy and while I may have started reading them at a young age On rainy days these are still usually the books I snuggle down in bed with. these are my guilty pleasures innocent little tales of cookie cutter love. yes they are predictable but that is actually part of their draw. the only thing with this set of books is they do cover quite a range of ages while i feel that they are all able to be read by anyone within the age range i will put a * next to any that are set in collage / after highschool and may deal with older material.

well as i seem to have a poll at the end of every post.

Top 10 Love Triangles


 Whether you love them or hate them Love triangles have become a staple in most romances. I must admit I seem to sit with the Love them camp. A good love triangle adds drama and conflict that will not necessarily end in a war (although not always). Not only that but it helps to fill a book with those delicious little Romantic scenes we all secretly love.  Now to me the best Love triangles are the ones that don’t follow the rules I like to be surprised by a choice even if I have been cheering for them from the start.

Honourable Mention Peeta – Katniss – Gale from The Hunger Games

Hunger Games

What irritates me about this love triangle was that there was so much potential and it just fell short. while I loved how the writing made me flow through this love triangle at the same pace as Katniss From Gale to Peeta I must admit that there was not enough Katniss-Gale scenes to even solidify this as a love triangle (hence the honourable mention) it leaves me on my knees begging Collins to release a little novella set before The Hunger Games with a little bit of Gale. He stood no chance spending most of the series away from Katniss, after Mockingjay though I have to say it has to be Peeta (come on we always knew it would be)

10 Edward – Bella – Jacob from Twilight


… Yeah I know it is cliché but this was the love triangle which started the passion. The twihards invented the “team” aspect of the love triangle and therefore twilight just makes it into 10th place with an honourable mention. And really this love triangle really had its moments. This series gets a lot of hate but that is only because it built up such a following. The main problem I had with this love triangle was that it was predictable. The strengths of this love triangle was that it happened gradually taking full advantage of the series format. The only other note I will make here is that in the books I was team Edward but as soon as I sit down to the movies it’s all about Jacob. (And no it is not only because of Taylor Lautner’s Abbs) what makes this love triangle work is the monologue Meyer has running through Bella’s head.

9 Ash – Meghan – Puck from The Iron King


what i like about this love triangle is it is between 3 Fae (admittedly Meghan is only half but she is the daughter of Oberon so still plenty powerful) also between the 2 guys you have something for everyone. Puck is the fun-loving best friend that has been there forever while ash is the mysterious broody guy she was never meant to be with. While i havent read the last book yet (yes it has been out for a while but i am reading through this series again now so soon i will have) i am fairly confident about how this will finish as it seems to follow all the rules. that being said Love triangles where the obvious choice is forbidden do add an element of possibility that anything could happen

8 Graham – Emma – Reid from Between The Lines

Between The Lines

As a general rule I don’t like books that focus around celebrity but the paparazzi are what make this Love Triangle work. Graham is the mysterious guy who after one kiss just leaves the picture and he may or may not be sleeping with the queen bitch Brooke. Reid Alexander is the Teen heart-throb not exactly known for his committed relationships. But he swears that Emma is different. When Emma kisses him less than 24 hours after kissing graham she finds herself catapulted into a relationship with her co-star with who she has electric chemistry. There is no denying the attraction to both of these guys however I would still automatically assume she ends up with graham if it were not for the fact that the story is half told through the eyes of one Mr Reid Alexander.

7 Gage – Cassidy – Tyler from From Ashes

From Ashes

This is the classic tale of the best friend VS the new guy. Now while I don’t necessarily like everything Cassidy does this love triangle is truly magic. While Tyler may not of had much of a chance at Cassidy’s heart he still manages to keep Gage out of the Picture long enough to take a crack at it. While who Cassidy ends up with is predictable this makes the list because this is one of the few Love Triangles where one of the competitors actually does something to try and win the heart of the person in the middle of the triangle by beating out the third person. the other thing I like is just when one love triangle is solved yet another one pops up which really leads you to question the inevitable end (if only a little) also I loved hearing parts of the story told by one of the sides of the triangle rather than just the centre

6 Seth – Aislinn – Keenan from Wicked Lovely

Wicked Lovely

What I really love about this love triangle is that you never have any question that Aislinn belongs with Seth however it seems inevitable that she will end up with Keenan. Keenan is Fae. not only is he fae but he is the Summer king and he has chosen Aislinn as his queen as she starts becoming fae she has 2 choices become a summer girl who would need to be around Keenan forever OR risk becoming a winter fae to become his queen. Either way it seems Seth is destined to become part of her past.

5 Tamini – Laurel – David from Wings 


While if I was rating series this may not have made it this far up the list the love triangle in this series was just a little unconventional. Also it gets bonus points for a truly tragic ending (I implore you when Pike warns you about reading the end READ IT). It takes a nice/ok series and makes it amazing all in one chapter. The interesting thing about this love triangle was it was a choice between who she had been and who people thought she should become. But at the same time either guy could fit either role. Tamini had been in love with Laurel since quite literally before she could remember, while David was Laurels first love (that she could remember) and one of the only humans she could trust with everything.

4 Adam – Rachel – Sean OR Adam – Lori – Sean from The Boys Next Door

The Boys Next Door

the interesting thing about this love triangle is at first it may seem as if it is the story of a Love triangle as told by someone who while crushing on one of the main players is not actually involved in it (or is she) the way the love story progresses makes the love triangle make perfect sense and I love the Happy Ending it is only a quick trashy teen read after all. Admittedly where this love triangle fell short is that only one of these guys really caught my eye throughout the story. Love you Adam

3 Dimitri – Rose – Adrian from Vampire Academy

Vampire Academy

A list of love triangles would not be complete without mention this trio. if for no other reason than i would be beaten to death by the fans (and as i am one, that would be suicide which is illegal here). She is a kick ass schoolgirl learning to be a guardian (basically a bodyguard) Dimitri is her teacher but understands her in a way that nobody else can. Dimitri and Rose are equals in their relationship despite the fact that he is older and her teacher. Considering that Adrian shouldn’t have a chance. Him and Rose are not equals (she is so much stronger than him), he is just another party boy, although he is incredibly charming. It is only Dimiti’s sense of right and wrong that pushes Rose into Adrian’s arms. that being said it was always fairly obvious how this would end.

2 Jem – Tessa – Will From Clockwork Angel

Clockwork Angel

This love triangle has yet to reach a conclusion but usually by the conclusion of the second book you will be almost certain as to how it will end. In this case I am not. while the two males are the archetype for love triangles (Jem the “good guy” gentleman and Will the “bad boy” with a secret and a fierce sense of loyalty) I have fallen in love with both of these boys and this is one instance where I cannot pick a “team” based on Clare’s other books I can make guesses as to who comes out on top but I will be disappointed if I am right (mind you will be just as disappointed if I am wrong as well). And that is the making of a truly great Love triangle.

1 Melanie – Jarrod – Wanda – Ian from The Host.

The Host

This was such an interesting and original love triangle. Not only is it “the only book to contain a love triangle with only 2 bodies” it also has a second love triangle just because one love triangle is never enough. This is one of few books that actually contains a love triangle with 2 girls rather than 2 guys (sure the other love triangle has 2 guys but her we need some imaginary eye candy). Definite bonus to this Love triangle is you have no way of telling who would end up with Melanie/Wanda.

So what do you thing of love triangles? are they just useless pieces of conflict or tools used to paint a beautiful picture of true love?

what are your favourite Love Triangles i am always looking for a good one.