Rate that Cover: Allegiant


WOW i don’t know what i am more surprised about the fact that this cover art is out or the fact that i actually am able to show you this so quickly (with my track record) so what do you think? Roth managed to surprise us all with her choice of title and personally she has surprised me with her cover as well. so far each of her covers have been fairly similar.

Div ins

Dark colours and a symbol for one of the factions in dead center. this new cover while at first glance looks similar enough with the tag line, city scape and circle insignia the insignia of this book is not one of the factions (at least those we know now {super secret faction maybe?}) or maybe i am reading way to far into this and she is just representing the elements fire, earth and water. the other thing you may notice is the city scape on the cover gets progressivly closer as the series goes on and i suppose you could say that the covers get progressively lighter. so really the only thing that surprises me in this cover is the insignia (which by the way i still think is kick ass)


despite this i think this cover still sits well in the series and i still can’t wait to read it

what do you think?


The Iron Traitor????

Well we have a cover reveal and for once despite how the cover looks I am not overly impressed. Don’t get me wrong the cover is beautiful but … well maybe I should just show you. The cover reveal this week is none other than Julie Kagawa’s The Iron Traitor.


See in theory a very pretty cover. My problem with all this is the lack of continuation. But that is not only seen in the cover but in the new title too. This book is book number two in “the call of the forgotten” which is a spin off series of “the Iron Fey” and here lies my problem these are the covers of the “Iron fey” books.

66441178590600 11699143  14061938

Oooh so pretty aren’t they? and yes if you a regular reader you may notice I have in-fact mention these before. now look at the cover for book 1 of the spin off series


hmmm? So which series would you say “the Iron Traitor” falls under? With it’s title change from “the Traitor Son” and reverting to the old cover style, this book looks like it is ready to take pride of place as “the Iron Fey book 5”. All that being said the cover is still very pretty… and really as the next book in a series I love, by an author I love, it is not going to stop me buying it… although it may lead to a few grudging stares.

Well enough about me. what do you think of the cover?

Cover Rant

If there is one thing I HATE about books coming out as movies (no matter how wonderful the movie is) is the release of the EVIL that is MOVIE COVERS. not only do movies very often (usually through necessity) bend the plot but putting actors on the cover i feel tells you what the characters are MEANT to look like changing how you view them. now before you tell me it is no different to the “photo covers” that so many books lean towards not only do i not personally like those covers (usually) anyway but they are not usually the books affected and the movie covers often give a better shot of a full specific person rather than just a snipped of A person. … that may not be clear but to make my point here are some examples


twilight may not be the most popular book but it did go from symbolic covers to this ^ crap

book-cover-beastly-film-20558308-350-500 VSbeastly-movie-tie-in-cover


this one in Particular infuriates me. not only is the original cover near perfect for the story but the movie changes everything so much that the characters on the front look nothing like they do in the book (she is meant to be a red-head and he a huge hairy beast… not just tattooed)


saphira%20book%20cover VSeragon

Firstly this book is about DRAGONS which one captures that best? further more they try to squeeze way to many characters on that cover and many of them don’t match their descriptions.

W4E-book-coverand water-for-elephantsVS WFE_book

this is one of the covers that while i still don’t like the movie cover it still manages to capture the same feel and magic as the others do. this may be in part that the old covers are photographs as well.

finally the book that started this rant The Host

The HostVS the-host

the feel is lost. there is less focus on the “soul” and more focus on the love triangle and I just generally am not impressed by this cover


I do feel the need to give a shout out to Harry Potter for the fact that Despite the HUGE movie franchise they NEVER released Movie covers they kept the two separate.

what about you are there any movie covers that have actually impressed you?


Fiery Heart

Well i don’t know about you but when i discovered that the cover for the next book in the Bloodlines series, Fiery Heart had been released i was excited. that being said i had a sinking feeling about it. the name fiery heart inspires 3 colour options. Red, Orange and Yellow and as red and yellow had already been used that left orange. and i do not believe that i have ever seen a pretty orange cover (i may be wrong but i can tell you it is not a common event) that being said if there is one thing the bloodlines series has definatly done right it has been the gorgeous covers. so i really wan’t entirly sure what to expect when the cover came out.

i think considering the colour scheme this cover lives up to the bloodlines expectations. that being said the people on the front should never wear orange it is not their colour. and that alone is enough to place this book on the botom of the bloodlines covers. still so pretty and i need to get my hands on it. but enough about what i think. whats your oppinion on the new cover