Why I Am Broke

So i am going to start making some of my posts videos as i am filming them for my Vlog anyway you can find these Posts under the Vlog Tab



Yes this is a rant and I am sorry but I must say i am getting irritated with finding that books that I want are out of print. Now in fairness it is the editions that I want rather than the stories but when I am trying to fill my shelves with beautiful books this can be nearly as bad. i have encountered this twice today (Ok maybe I tried to go on a book buying spree).


the first was not such a problem. i have decided that I would like to buy most of my books in hardcover so where better to start than with the Steampunk Chronicles but when I went to buy The Girl in the Steel Corset it was not to be because, you guessed it no longer in print. this was fairly easily fixed when i found a second hand copy in good condition online for $20. so no real harm done… this time


the next one will probably end up with my wallet taking a serious attack… because it seems inevitable that i will eventually cave for this beautiful leather bound edition of the chronicles of Narnia… only problem is the last copy I can find is being sold for $395… which is about 10X the amount the book would have originally sold for.  i am so sorry wallet but something tells me the book will win… even if i cant afford it to. well maybe not if only because i can buy so many other books for that money… maybe i am secretly hoping for a reprint… if i find this book for under $100 i will have to snatch it up.

A Classic Challange

So first off I feel the need to apologize to you. I have not forgotten you, abandoned you for the bright lights of my youtube vlog i have had exams… and so of course I have been looking for a distraction from study… and what better than a new project.

And speaking of a new project I have a challenge that I am undertaking and I invite all of you to join me. I am an avid reader and yet I can not remember the last time I read a classic. This is not because they are long because i read books of over 400 pages and think nothing of it, while I still have The Wonderful Wizard of Oz sitting unread on my shelf at a mere 223 pages INCLUDING PICTURES. It is not that I do not want to read them, or think they are boring as Peter Pan has been on my to-read list for as long as I can remember and is one of my favorite stories… at least based on the movie which I absolutely love (we are talking the live action film not the Disney cartoon). It is not even that these books are too old for me with both the books I have mentioned so far being children’s books and me being an adult I am pretty much not able to use that excuse anymore anyway. What it really comes down to is laziness. The texts may be short but they are written in that flowery language which may be beautiful but is also convoluted and I must admit when I sit down to read I often just want a nice simple read, Sure I like complex characters and a surprising plot but I like to be able to tell what is happening with little effort.

This however has not stopped me buying the classics which are now sitting in gorgeous covers on my shelf unread. So I now pledge to read 1 chapter of a classic a night, this may not seem like much but in this way I can work my way through my wonderful classics and still have my light easy modern reads as well. As a reward every time I finish one I  will buy myself another of these beautiful classics and as such I hope to expand not only my collection of books but also my reading.

… welcome to the wonderful world of Vlogs

So recently I have started watching book vlogs (video blogs for all you who don’t know) and i have to say i am obsessed. i can’t say what it is maybe it is the fact that you can actually see the person raving about the book or maybe it is simply that you connect more with someone talking to you then reading text (despite this sounding an awful lot like “why read the book when you can watch the movie) so i have decided to try and dip my toe in the wide world of booktube… and as my wonderful readers i feel i should tell you guys first… cause really who else would i tell?

well here is a link to my first video… and yes it is rough but what do you think?

while i am at it i may as well point you in the direction of the top 3 Book Vlogers who made me want to give this a go.




also i know that i was meant to put up my books that i may have accidentally bought too many of for the last month today, but i will have to do it tomorrow… as i spent most of this afternoon talking to a camera… it is harder than it looks.

Rant about Novellas

Since i got my e-reader i have been introduced to the wonderful world of novellas.in particular i am referring to those .5 books the short ones that go before a book or between the books of a series…. or do they?

I am never sure weather or not to read these novellas when i read through the series the first time or not. Some novellas such as those included in The Iron Fey Series are just what you would expect of the next book in a series they tell what happens between the books (sure maybe told by a different narrator but still in chronological order) then you have examples such as Caught up in Him, the “prequel” to caught up in us however the entire novella is actually included within the first book. which actually ruined the first book for me because i kept skipping sections of text i had read less than an hour before. there are also rare Novellas such as those in Maria V Snyder’s Study series, which are separate from the story almost entirely and just send the characters from the book on another (admittedly shorter) adventure. Finally you have the novella’s which merely give segments of one of the book from the perspective of a different character however there does not seem to be a convention as to weather this novella should be numbered before or after the text that the scenes come from. now personally i prefer after as is seen in Free Four (#1.5) which is Tobias telling some of the divergent (#1) tale however some authors, such as Kiera Cass (author of the selection), number them before the original text e.g The Prince (#0.5) which mostly takes place during the Selection (#1). for this reason of my first reading of a series i often avoid the Novella’s which i think really is a shame as if they are used properly can add so much more to a series. i am now pondering weather or not to read the Lunar chronicles novellas (which look really good but i don’t want to ruin what looks like a GREAT series).

A Series Dilema

when you finish a book there are two options (assuming it is a good book) either it was amazing and you need to read more from this amazing world by this wonderful author about these terrific characters (here is to not doubling up on adjectives) or it id the perfect book all tied up in a bow and you know another book could not possibly live up to it. one example of this for me is one of my all time favourite books The host this book ends so perfectly (although admittedly the end could almost be called a cliff hanger… maybe) and i am not sure that a sequel will add anything to this book… it will just lead to conflict between Wanda, Ian, Melanie and Jared  which would be a disappointment compared to the happily ever after they are currently living in my mind. that being said despite being released 5 years ago there are still whispers about sequels we even have a name (The Seeker and The Soul) {Wait stop the presses apparently Meyer confirmed that this is happening 2 months ago [see what happens when you give up hope you miss things] } and despite the fact that i am sure that the other books won’t be able to live up to this amazing wonderful book i will still race out and buy them simply because i NEED MORE.

this was originally going to be a very even sided debate of the pros and cons of series but i am sorry i am now to excited to be negative about series (at least until i have read them)  so i will leave you with my scream of excitement

THE HOST IS ACTUALLY GOING TO BE A SERIES… (like what was always intended but has taken far far far too long)

Top 10 Dos and Don’ts of books on a budget.

Sign dollar and the books on scales. 3D image.Bit of a different top ten this time. hopefully this helps the rest of my Broke book-loving friends

10) Do make use of the library. it is FREE enough said. i am lucky enough that my library is great. it is HUGE. and has a fairly good range of books. so far the only downside to my library is they are yet to stock any New Adult books which are my favorites at the moment. just because you borrow a book from the library does not mean you can’t buy it. i look at the library as a great Try before you buy system and if you are like me and going through more than 4 books a week it can quickly save you a tone of money.

9) Don’t walk into bookstores. you are broke. you have no money. you can’t really afford to buy any books… there is no harm in window shopping? you will just browse?? you just want to check the prices??? NO avoid the siren call of the bookstore. nothing good can come out of walking into the arms of the beautiful creature waiting to drown you in debt.

8) Do  swap books with friends. so if for example i have 400 books on my shelves and you have 350 books on your shelf and John Smith over in the corner there has only 250 books on his shelves if we combine our collections all of a sudden we have 1000 books. sure we might have some doubles but the more people you are sharing books with the more variation you will have. this comes with the added bonus that you get recommendations. you are friends with these guys. chances are you will have some things in common.

7) Don’t  make friends with people who work in bookshops. i don’t care if they are nice, lovely wonderful, amazing, funny or any of those wonderful qualities you use to choose friends. They will be amazing at their jobs. they will have amazing recommend AMAZING books that you just HAVE to read and how are you to resist when the book is sitting right there in arms reach and what are a few dollars really going to hurt anyway right?

6) Do have a list we all have To-Read lists. I for one know my To-Read list is now longer than my Read list and growing longer everyday. but you need a second much shorter list a wishlist… or To-Buy list  most books on this list i hate to say must have been read already although there are a few exceptions. Books in a series that you have already bought (because you need the entire set), Books by your favorite Authors (i know i am going to love that new Snyder book so why wait),  books under $3 if a book you have been interested in reading shows up at an outrageously cheap price you would be a fool to decide to wait until after you read it and pay 3 times the price.

5) Don’t shop online without a specific book in mind. while checking prices online can be a great way of not only saving money (check out Fishpond for discounts for up to and over 50%) but also accessing books you may be unable to find in-store. it is dangerous to be able to shop at any time for as long as you like particularly when you can’t actually see quite how much you have bought. it is easy to get click happy (particularly with cheap books such as eBooks) and it adds up quickly. This tip probably works just as well in-store but when shopping in-store not only can you see just how much you are buying (if you can no longer carry it it is time to stop) and you are also better able to judge if you will like what you are buying. you can flick through it and see just how big the book is. while some online stores now offer those free samples (particularly of eBooks) not all of them do and it is hard to visualize just how big 386 pages is.

4) Do wait for sales and shop around. so the latest book in your favorite series has just come out and you race around looking for it because you need to have it NOW. but stop and think do you really need it the day it is released? buying a book the day it is released generally leaves you with only a few options of where to get it. the evil wonderfulness that is a book shop. most book stores will charge you the RRP which is often at LEAST $20-$30 now this may not seem much to pay for the next installment of a great story but if you wait a week or so department stores will start getting them as well usually at a reduced price. i made this mistake only this week going on a spending spree at Dymocks totaling nearly $100 only to see the books pop up at Big W the next day at nearly half the price and i had yet to even start reading any of these books. if you are determined to buy a book waiting a few days or so (until you are ready to read it) can save you a bucket-load… and if money is not your thing just imagine all the extra books you could buy

3) Don’t buy books because they are on sale. we have all done it seen a book that while only mildly interested us we have snatched up because it was 10, 20, 30% off. because hey it’s cheap if we don’t like it at least we didn’t pay full price. but the question is did you really want it? and could you really afford it? the answer is usually NO. only 2 days after spending all that money in Dymocks i get an Email from them telling me of a sale i get any 1 full priced book for 30% off “hmmm” i thought to myself ” well i can’t miss this” and raced myself down to the store and browsed through the collection to pick my 30% off book now i am smart so i figured i would outsmart them and buy the most expensive book that i wanted in order to save more money… (yes i also had to spend more) now the only problem was i found 2 equally expensive books that i wanted to buy and i could not choose which one i wanted… so i bought both… Yes the bookshop won. moral of the story. Sales are the shops way of making you spend MORE. sure take advantage of them but don’t go shopping just because there is a sale.

2) Do create a budget. this is one of my favorite tricks on this list at the beginning of the year i started putting at least $10 a week into a bank account i use only for books. now while that isn’t much (when you consider how many books i buy) by putting away money i am controlling my spending and i get used to missing that money out of my day to day expenses. the best part is that you are still allowed to buy books. and trust me when you are working on a budget you will be more clever with what you buy. i know there are books coming out that i will want to buy so i may save my money for a few weeks so i can buy them when they come out.

1) Don’t be afraid to try eBooks. until i got my eReader (i use a kobo) for Christmas i was firmly in the belief that they were evil. now that i have one i must admit i have fallen a little bit in love with my guilty pleasure. not only are eBooks often cheaper than hard copies (not that i have yet to pay for an eBook) but so many books are not available in print, so i actually have more to read. plus there are so many free eBooks available both through the regular stores for classics to copies given out buy authors for free merely for a review.

* I may or may not follow my own advice

Love, Roses and Cupid


With valentines day just around the corner i am going to be once again living vicariously through the characters in my books.

so despite the fact that i am single and bitter i will be posting cute and fluffy “valentines” themed blog posts “yay”

be prepared for cute and fluffy, hearts and chocolates, flowers and PINK lots and LOTS of PINK.

heart love

So I am sorry my fellow lonely hearts but here is to vicarious living and choosing my imaginary Valentine by Valentines Day.

valentine heart

E-Reader the Love/hate Relationship.

So for Christmas i got my new toy a cute little Kobo that I have already stocked with over 100 books.  admittedly I have yet to pay for one of them.

This access to free books is one of the 3 main reasons that I asked Santa for an E-reader despite the fact that I Maintain that I hate them. now before I get the hate mail. I do most certainly believe in paying authors for their work which is why after reading these books I make a difficult decision. Either I go hunting for a beautiful (hopefully) hard copy of the book or I delete the file. this way it is no different from borrowing the book from the library (without the crazy wait time/ ridiculous reservation fee’s) and in the end if I am going to pay for a book it is much better for retailers, authors, publishers and basically anyone in the business that I am spending more and supporting a larger industry as I can not afford to be buying both. now I do admit that if i do happen to buy the book I will keep the E-book copy. it is defiantly my belief that if you buy a hard copy of a book it should come with an e-book version. this is no different to people who can import CDs into iTunes.  although once I have a copy chances are the that the E-book will just sit on my E-shelves gathering E-dust until such a time as I am on a long boring train ride.

The second reason that i have grudgingly allowed my E-reader into my heart is it loved my books. despite it’s larger price tag put it my wonderful leather case and it is wonderfully sturdy. no dust covers getting torn, no pages falling out, no worry over food steins and it would take more water to destroy it. so when i am traveling not only is my E-reader lighter than the books i used to carry but it lets them stay safe on my bookshelf only being read when they don’t need to be thrown into a bag. as i like to spend a fair amount on the hardcover versions in most cases this is a saving grace. there is also a bonus in as much as mine has a light inbuilt so if i find myself on an overnight flight (hopefully) or in hospital overnight (inevitably) i will not have to worry about reading in the dark.

the third and final reason that despite everything i LOVE my E-reader is that some of my favourite people (Authors) told me to (much to my disgust). i hardly have a choice about being an E-reader owner when some of my favourite Authors see the need to release E-book only novellas between novels in a series (I am looking at you Brigid Kemmerer, Veronica Roth… and basically well everyone). While some authors are nice and release these in a beautiful book like Julie Kagawa’s  The Iron legends or in omnibus volumes like Rachel Vincent’s Soul Screamers the rest of them have sentenced me to suffer through a devotion to my E-reader. For its extra Content, ease of Transport and Large number of free books to enjoy.