My name is Amanda and i am a bookaholic

ok so i love books.

but as a uni student i have a limited budget… which i spend on books.

I make great use of the library and free copies of ebooks. but i still feel the need to surround myself with the real thing. in my small bedroom i currently have 6 bookshelves and 2 boxes stashed under my bed. when i buy a book i must admit i try and find the prettiest covers so often find myself ordering from the UK… although as i live in australia ordering online sometimes has less to do with the cover and more to do with price and availability.

i will mostly be focusing on teen, Young adult and New adult but chances are some childrens and adult will find their way onto my blog too.

I also feel the need to explain my rating system because otherwise it may seem harsh.

1 Star ~ did not like it

2 Stars ~ it was ok

3 Stars ~ liked it (3 stars is my average and most common rating)

4 Stars ~ really liked it

5 Stars ~ it was amazing

I also give half stars but that just means it sits between the two categories, as you can see even a 2 star book is not going to necessarily be a bad read ( I skew it this way so I can scale Amazing Books better plus if I don’t like a book I don’t care how much I don’t like it)

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