Top 10 Fairy-Tale Mash-Ups

Well this top ten was born when I was working my way through my Top 10 Fairy-tale retellings and running across some of my favourite Fairy-tale books that did not quite fit into the “retelling” category. mostly this was because they did not just tell one story but many.. or told the story AFTER the happily ever after, or merely just used fairy-tale stuff because fairy-tale stuff is AWESOME. now these obviously could not go into my Retelling list. They are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT… (and there was no room on the list…) also some of these are series’ so of course only the first book is mentioned because you have to start there (obviously). so without any further ado I would like to introduce you to the Top 10 Fairy-Tale Mash-Ups.



8 bewitching

7 Unenchanted

6 The Fairy-tale Detectives

5 My Fair Godmother

4 the Grimm legacy

3 the wishing spell

2 Cloaked

1 Enchanted


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