A belated June Haul

Yes this post is late…very very late but in my defense i have been in hospital and on very high pain meds… but still i present to you the books of June… i am not including any books i may have got after the cut off despite being late.

i predicted that this month would see a rise in books and guess what IT DID. when you factor in all the books i ordered online in previous months plus the fact that i tend to buy books while stressed (say in end of semester exams) and yes my book buying did go up a little (AKA HEAPS) while last month i got away with only 4 books this time it was more than 4 times that… anyway enough of the berating (cause i know this month is looking pretty bad too) lets get on to the exciting part… THE BOOKS


I have tried to claim from the beginning that cookbooks don’t count (still not sure if i actually believe that or not) but even though these two delicious looking cookbooks came out of my budget i still think it was worth it. Blissful Brownies was only $6 and Macaroons was only $10 so that is not that much of a stretch… compared to the rest of them


This month I decided to try “budget books”… in other words i tried to get books really cheap. these two were my attempt at second hand books… and while they were not overly expensive… they are probably not the books i would have picked up new (although i did want a copy of Aesop’s fables i am still eying a pretty leather bound edition and he’s just not that into you is something that i think could be a bit of a laugh) so did i really save any money? my other attempt at saving money was an even bigger failure though… and those books will appear in July’s Haul.


If you have been on my blog before you may have come across my review of John Green’s The fault in Our Stars and know that i was not overly impressed. and yet here i stand with not one but 2 new John Green books… and really the reason is simply that while i did not overly care for the story… the writing was beautiful and with everyone raving about him it seems harsh to write him off after only one book (which was a cancer book… which as a general rule i HATE) so we have Looking for Alaska which is the other book i hear about everywhere and An Abundance of katherines which i picked up because it seemed to be a road-trip book… which i must admit i LOVE and it seems like a happy book… so should be a complete contrast to the fault in our stars.


The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey I saw in a book shop thought it looked interesting then managed to put down… with the though i Might come back for that. since then this book has exploded. so many great reviews have popped up and as i was already considering getting this anyway i raced out to pick up a copy.  as for Richelle Mead’s  Gameboard of the gods… after her Vampire academy series i would practically buy anything this women writes… plus it sounds so interesting.


These two books were my rewards for finishing books for my Classic Challenge where i did allow myself to pick up a new classic for everyone that i read.


these 8 were all online purchases which i have been waiting for… and with the exception of The girl in the steel corset were bought before this month. most of them are the next or last book in a series and the ones that aren’t are books where i have bought the entire series (at least as of this moment).

so that comes to 18 books which is 1 book every 1.6 days… not SOOO bad but a huge jump on last time… then again this month i have already made it halfway to this number in only a week… so who knows how many to expect for July.


4 thoughts on “A belated June Haul

  1. Are you a book tuber? I just started my channel, would love to check out yours 🙂 Awesome haul! I also count cook books in my hauls, baking books especially are so beautiful to look at! And I love your copies of The Secret Garden and Alice in Wonderland – are they Barnes and Nobles classic editions? If you feel like checking out my channel here it is: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCq8BU3ItsKmrSa51S-p2Yw

    • yes i am only just joined though. i believe that they are the Barnes and Nobles classic editions (not 100% sure as we don’t have Barnes and Nobles down here so they were from Dymocks) i love them though and these editions are the reason i have started buying classics. I count cookbooks because i am just getting into baking so i seem to be buying a heap of them … plus even cookbooks deserve some attention.

      • I am getting into baking too! Just cannot stop, currently trying to get cake batter off my cardigan.. Will check out your channel 🙂

      • cool thanks… yeah i just baked some cookies yesterday despite the fact that i am still on crutches… my favourite thing is cake decorating which i just LOVE. i checked out your channel it is brilliant by the way :)… even if like me you are only new.

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