Yes this is a rant and I am sorry but I must say i am getting irritated with finding that books that I want are out of print. Now in fairness it is the editions that I want rather than the stories but when I am trying to fill my shelves with beautiful books this can be nearly as bad. i have encountered this twice today (Ok maybe I tried to go on a book buying spree).


the first was not such a problem. i have decided that I would like to buy most of my books in hardcover so where better to start than with the Steampunk Chronicles but when I went to buy The Girl in the Steel Corset it was not to be because, you guessed it no longer in print. this was fairly easily fixed when i found a second hand copy in good condition online for $20. so no real harm done… this time


the next one will probably end up with my wallet taking a serious attack… because it seems inevitable that i will eventually cave for this beautiful leather bound edition of the chronicles of Narnia… only problem is the last copy I can find is being sold for $395… which is about 10X the amount the book would have originally sold for.  i am so sorry wallet but something tells me the book will win… even if i cant afford it to. well maybe not if only because i can buy so many other books for that money… maybe i am secretly hoping for a reprint… if i find this book for under $100 i will have to snatch it up.


2 thoughts on “OUT OF PRINT!!!!

  1. This happens to me with soundtracks. I’m a big score composer nerd, so I tend to fill my itunes with more movie music than anything else. Since I was fourteen or so, I had to have the soundtrack Black Beauty. Too bad they don’t make it anymore! It was either spend 100 bucks on a used one…or sit and pout about how I didn’t have 100 bucks to spend on a used print. Just a year ago, my husband bought it for me and I don’t think I’ve ever bawled so much over a birthday present before. Still use it. Still love it. Good luck with finding what you are looking for–at a reasonable price!

    • That’s a great story. He obviously thought really hard about that gift.
      and thank-you maybe if I am lucky a long lost millionaire relative will appear and buy my love with this book, if not it is time to play the waiting game.

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