A Classic Challange

So first off I feel the need to apologize to you. I have not forgotten you, abandoned you for the bright lights of my youtube vlog i have had exams… and so of course I have been looking for a distraction from study… and what better than a new project.

And speaking of a new project I have a challenge that I am undertaking and I invite all of you to join me. I am an avid reader and yet I can not remember the last time I read a classic. This is not because they are long because i read books of over 400 pages and think nothing of it, while I still have The Wonderful Wizard of Oz sitting unread on my shelf at a mere 223 pages INCLUDING PICTURES. It is not that I do not want to read them, or think they are boring as Peter Pan has been on my to-read list for as long as I can remember and is one of my favorite stories… at least based on the movie which I absolutely love (we are talking the live action film not the Disney cartoon). It is not even that these books are too old for me with both the books I have mentioned so far being children’s books and me being an adult I am pretty much not able to use that excuse anymore anyway. What it really comes down to is laziness. The texts may be short but they are written in that flowery language which may be beautiful but is also convoluted and I must admit when I sit down to read I often just want a nice simple read, Sure I like complex characters and a surprising plot but I like to be able to tell what is happening with little effort.

This however has not stopped me buying the classics which are now sitting in gorgeous covers on my shelf unread. So I now pledge to read 1 chapter of a classic a night, this may not seem like much but in this way I can work my way through my wonderful classics and still have my light easy modern reads as well. As a reward every time I finish one I  will buy myself another of these beautiful classics and as such I hope to expand not only my collection of books but also my reading.


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