May’s Small Stack

And it is a record… although not sure if it is a big enough record (or should i say small enough) record to be celebrating … many normal people would think this many books was a lot of books to buy in a month (especially if you count the books that i ordered and i do not have yet… which will be added to the list for what ever month they arrive in)


the first book of the month is The School for Good and Evil ~ Soman Chainani while the cover intrigued me the first time i saw it online i was not entirely sure i was going to buy it…. i mean it looks amazing and everything but defiantly has the appearance of a children’s book… which i really should not be continuing to buy (not that that has ever stopped me) but when i saw it on the shelf for all of $10 who am i too say no?


the next book was Spirit by Brigid Kemmerer i had the first 2 so i was always going to pick this up. i did think this was the last book in the series but she has released that there will be at least 2 more.


I only picked this one up on the last day of May. Jamie Ponti’s Sea of Love is in the Simon Pulse Romantic Comedies collection and this is a lovely edition from before they started grouping the books and got rid of these cute cartoon covers. plus it was from a library clearance so it cost me next to nothing.


finally we have You had me at hello by Mhairi McFarlane . this was my obligatory impulse buy. i have no idea if this is YA, Na or Adult but one look at the cover and i knew i just had to have it. the cute little silhouettes and hearts plus the bright text makes for a beautiful cover screaming “BUY ME”

… and that is it. yes only 4 books and not only were they all under $15 making this my cheapest month yet but with only 4 books that comes to 1 boom every 7.75 days (that is less than one book a week) … yeah well expect next months books to go through the roof.


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