Top 10 (or So) Book Series I Need To Start

series to start

There are so many books out there that i am constantly being barraged with new books, which are often only the first books in the series. some have been sitting on this list for a very long time while others have only just made an appearance while waiting has it’s advantages such as with Unearthly by the time i got around to reading it the whole series was out while others are just a case of i really, really want to read them but they just keep getting pushed down the list.

11 Legend ~ Marie Lu


yes 11 because i can’t count. … or narrow anything so so interested in this series… have heard nothing but good things about it and have actually had the first book sitting on my e-reader since i got it in December.

10 Chaos Walking ~ Patrick Ness


I am not entirely sure what this series is about (Hence it holding 10th place) but i have heard nothing but good things about it and it is inevitable that i will eventually pick it up.

the first book in this Series is The Knife of Never Letting Go and that is the reason that even if i had not found glowing reviews about this book i would of picked it up. so intriguing (but really need to find out what this is actually about)

9 The Lord Of The Rings ~ J.R.R. Tolkien


yep i have yet to read this series… this is despite being an avid reader of fantasy, loving epic quest-y books and just generally liking LONG books, this believe it or not is also in spite of having a beautiful illustrated hard cover omnibus volume that i inherited from my dad… i really have no excuse for not reading this one other than it is sooo huge that it works perfectly well as a bookend and i just haven’t had time… also with so many people telling me i “have to read it” every time i think about it, it just feels like required reading

8 The Once And Future King ~ T.H. White


if you are a regular reader you may remember this book appearing in the books i bought last month While i had been waiting to get my hands on a nice copy of this book for a while i am not surprised that i have not yet read it. this omnibus volume is 858 pages worth of Arthurian legends told in old fashioned flowery language, while i am dying to read it i doubt it will help me achieve my goal of reading 300 books this year… a task that i have already fallen behind on… i think i will choose a smaller goal next year so i can take on meatier reads without a worry.

7 The Tiger Saga ~ Colleen Houck


again this one i am not 100% sure what it is about but with the GORGEOUS covers and the split reviews i have been curious as to what i will think about this series. but as i do not have a copy of the first book Tigers Curse and the library has yet to stock the first book (despite the rest of the series sitting on the shelf) who knows when i will get around to reading it.

6 Daughter of Smoke & Bone ~ Laini Taylor


this series has been recommended to me by countless people most notably my favorite bookstore attendant (who i must say has amazing taste and is yet to lead me wrong)…  and yet i have yet to find it on my shelves…. i am not entirely sure why (particularly when i saw the pretty cover) the titles are enticing and you will defiantly find me devouring this series in the not too distant future… but i think i will wait until the release of the last book because something tells me once i start i will not want to stop.

5 Throne of Glass ~ Sarah J. Maas


the first book has been sitting on my bookshelf unread since it’s release date (I bought it and got a free copy of Shatter Me) after reading the blurb i was instantly reminded of Poison Study by none other than the great Maria V. Snyder, and so it was no surprise that i decided i HAD to read it, and when you see it’s Kick Ass cover it is no surprise that i HAD to have it, i have actually picked this up to read a couple of times this year (because i am just DYING to) but i am making myself wait until Crown of Midnight (book #2) comes out at the end of August… on a side note how epic are those titles?

4 Shatter Me ~ Tahereh Mafi


Like Throne of Glass this book has been sitting on my shelf unread for nearly a year and like Throne of glass i am waiting to get my hands on the sequel …. yes it has been released my problem of course is despite getting a perfectly good copy of the book (for free might i add) it is the wrong cover… so i am trying to get my hands on the beautiful Eye cover which continues throughout the series

A Song of Ice and Fire ~ George R.R. Martin


Most People will be familiar with this series (although they may merely know it as Game Of Thrones) like many people i only heard about this series after the TV show aired and while i have yet to watch it i am very excited by this series. however with this series there are most defiantly things that have led to my not reading it (yet). firstly every time i have walked into a book store to look at buying the books i have been confused as to the order of the books, thanks mainly to some editions halving the books while others don’t (but this has been mostly eliminated thanks to goodreads) secondly this series is filled with massive scarily big books and from what i have been told a tonne of characters and while that sounds intriguing it defiantly tells me i will want to read  this series all together (because the all have told me by the end you NEED the next book) which is where you have come to the main reason i am not in any rush  to start reading this series. currently we have 5 of the 7 books in the series… this series was started 17 years ago… while this is understandable considering the size of the books when you consider that the last book in the series is not expected for release until 2019 you can understand why i am in no HUGE rush, plus when you add in the fact i am crazily obsessive compulsive about my covers matching it is understandable (particularly when there is over 150 versions of the first book) that i wait until all the books are out before buying a lovely matching set

2 Covenant ~ Jennifer L. Armentrout


while i did manage to get the first book (half-blood) from the library i did really want to read the entire set together and i had to return it before i collected them all. from the blurb this sounds a lot like Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy series, a series that i must admit i loved to death. as such i am more than curious about this one (must just remember not to compare them too much. also once again how GORGEOUS are the covers.

1 Percy Jackson and the Olympians ~ Rick Riordan


while many people are raving about the spin off series The Heroes of Olympus i myself have yet to even read the wonder that (i am sure) is this series. while i loved the movie for the first book (Percy Jackson and the lightning thief) i have been itching to read the original story particularly as it has an entire series for me to immerse myself in.


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