Rant about Novellas

Since i got my e-reader i have been introduced to the wonderful world of novellas.in particular i am referring to those .5 books the short ones that go before a book or between the books of a series…. or do they?

I am never sure weather or not to read these novellas when i read through the series the first time or not. Some novellas such as those included in The Iron Fey Series are just what you would expect of the next book in a series they tell what happens between the books (sure maybe told by a different narrator but still in chronological order) then you have examples such as Caught up in Him, the “prequel” to caught up in us however the entire novella is actually included within the first book. which actually ruined the first book for me because i kept skipping sections of text i had read less than an hour before. there are also rare Novellas such as those in Maria V Snyder’s Study series, which are separate from the story almost entirely and just send the characters from the book on another (admittedly shorter) adventure. Finally you have the novella’s which merely give segments of one of the book from the perspective of a different character however there does not seem to be a convention as to weather this novella should be numbered before or after the text that the scenes come from. now personally i prefer after as is seen in Free Four (#1.5) which is Tobias telling some of the divergent (#1) tale however some authors, such as Kiera Cass (author of the selection), number them before the original text e.g The Prince (#0.5) which mostly takes place during the Selection (#1). for this reason of my first reading of a series i often avoid the Novella’s which i think really is a shame as if they are used properly can add so much more to a series. i am now pondering weather or not to read the Lunar chronicles novellas (which look really good but i don’t want to ruin what looks like a GREAT series).


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