The Kiss Instructor

The Kiss Instructor ~ V. Anton


Rating 2 Stars

(How pretty is this cover)


For Alana Summer, ballet dancer and magnet for awkward moments, life is far from simple. She struggles with an alcoholic father and an abused mother. She vents her frustration through dancing
and spending time with her two best friends: Chris and the hot looking Adin.

She has been secretly in love with Adin for as long as she can remember and is pretty sure he feels something for her. So she concocts a plan to make him confess his feelings for her. But when one of her biggest fears come true, she is forced to leave the ones that keep her sane. Choosing between her family and her heart, she has to make tough decisions, even when the one she loves the most, loves her back.


this is one of those books where i just don’t quite know how to rate it. when i opened it i was expecting a light fluffy romance (obviously did not the blurb closely enough). it may have been this expectation or my lack of connection with the characters in the book or quite possibly something completely different but personally i was not a HUGE fan of this book. that being said i can think of a good 20 people off the top of my head that would love this. and even though it was not my thing i still needed to finish the book to see how it would end. there were many things in this book that i found refreshingly enjoyable. i LOVED how it was Chris and not Adin that told the other perspective of this story… that being said it was kind of weird how focused he was on their romance and it would have been nice to get to know him that little bit better because he was one of my favorite characters. the other interesting and different choice made by the author was that from the beginning Alana “knew” that Adin “loved” her… while this was an interesting choice personally i like all the angst that comes from the does he or doesn’t he, although that does leave the question if she knew he loved her (and is therefor so perceptive) why would she be so worried about Lauren? i found the pacing a bit funny with time jumping a month at a time with seemingly no warning, which i must admit i found slightly disappointing as V. Anton successfully managed to skip Alana and Adin’s whole relationship in one of these jumps (which may be one of the reasons i failed to connect with him at all). Alana had a tendency to make stupid choices which i just didn’t understand at all, not to say that is unrealistic but just that i didn’t really understand her. which is the crux of the matter reading this book (for me) was like hearing about the relationship of a girl you smiled at once at a party, you are happy for her but you don’t really care, that being said there will be people who know her better who will care a lot (These people will LOVE this book)


“…A blanket? For what? Is this kissing thing complicated? Will I get cold?”

“It is like we are suffering from the same thing: the dangerous smiling virus. A virus that makes the muscles of your face sore. What a great way of getting hurt!”


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