Rate that Cover: Allegiant


WOW i don’t know what i am more surprised about the fact that this cover art is out or the fact that i actually am able to show you this so quickly (with my track record) so what do you think? Roth managed to surprise us all with her choice of title and personally she has surprised me with her cover as well. so far each of her covers have been fairly similar.

Div ins

Dark colours and a symbol for one of the factions in dead center. this new cover while at first glance looks similar enough with the tag line, city scape and circle insignia the insignia of this book is not one of the factions (at least those we know now {super secret faction maybe?}) or maybe i am reading way to far into this and she is just representing the elements fire, earth and water. the other thing you may notice is the city scape on the cover gets progressivly closer as the series goes on and i suppose you could say that the covers get progressively lighter. so really the only thing that surprises me in this cover is the insignia (which by the way i still think is kick ass)


despite this i think this cover still sits well in the series and i still can’t wait to read it

what do you think?


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