Nowhere ~ Marysue G. Hobika


Rating 2.5 Stars


A girl named Mike is transplanted against her will to the middle of Nowhere—a town so small that cow tipping is considered to be a fun pastime for teens on a Saturday night! Sure that life as she knows it is over, she meets a boy named Dooner who’s never lived anywhere else and can’t wait to get out of town on the football scholarship that’s going to be his ticket to a better life, away from his father. Sparks fly between them, but it’s not exactly love at first sight.

Will they find a way into each other’s heart despite the fact that they come from very different backgrounds? Will it change how they both feel about Nowhere?
And will Nowhere become the somewhere they’ve been searching for?


if you are looking for a deep meaningful read you have come to the wrong place BUT if you were looking for a sweet, cute, trashy book to lighten up your day Nowhere just might be exactly what you are looking for. In the classic story of opposites attract city girl Mike and Country boy Dooner bond almost immediately (a little bit too insta-love for my tastes) and the rest of the story comes just as abruptly while this is full to the brim with those romantic little moments any big moments in the story i feel were rushed just a little too much (particularly the case in the end). There were also so many areas that could have been explored that much more. despite the fact that she was introduced we never actually meet Mike’s best friend, and we never fully work out what will be happening when they go to collage. it almost feels that this book was the first in the series but the author changed her mind half way through. the book is only a short read at 162 pages but it feels like there was enough material to be spread out over a much larger book. that being said i love the chemistry between Mike and Dooner (or should i say James) and those sweet little romantic moments were just adorable. The other thing i loved in this book despite how pathetic it is was all the “nowhere” puns. the author really managed to capture a good family dynamic particularly between Mike and her sister, they were all over the place (which is just what siblings are like) and i loved how unlike most new adult novels *Spoiler* it was the male with the family drama (aka daddy issues) and not the girl *End Spoiler* this gave the story a fresh take on the theme.

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