A Series Dilema

when you finish a book there are two options (assuming it is a good book) either it was amazing and you need to read more from this amazing world by this wonderful author about these terrific characters (here is to not doubling up on adjectives) or it id the perfect book all tied up in a bow and you know another book could not possibly live up to it. one example of this for me is one of my all time favourite books The host this book ends so perfectly (although admittedly the end could almost be called a cliff hanger… maybe) and i am not sure that a sequel will add anything to this book… it will just lead to conflict between Wanda, Ian, Melanie and Jared  which would be a disappointment compared to the happily ever after they are currently living in my mind. that being said despite being released 5 years ago there are still whispers about sequels we even have a name (The Seeker and The Soul) {Wait stop the presses apparently Meyer confirmed that this is happening 2 months ago [see what happens when you give up hope you miss things] } and despite the fact that i am sure that the other books won’t be able to live up to this amazing wonderful book i will still race out and buy them simply because i NEED MORE.

this was originally going to be a very even sided debate of the pros and cons of series but i am sorry i am now to excited to be negative about series (at least until i have read them)  so i will leave you with my scream of excitement

THE HOST IS ACTUALLY GOING TO BE A SERIES… (like what was always intended but has taken far far far too long)


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