April Books… how a great start failed horribly

well month two was off to a good start until it wasn’t

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAas of 1 week ago this was the only book i had bought this month. not only is it only one book but it is a book that i said last month that i would be picking up so that is bonus points for me… or it would be if i didn’t fall down so horribly in the last week of this month. see my Top 10 Dos and Don’ts of books on a budget to learn from my mistakes.


this series if you read my review is a prime case of Try before you buy. while i am more than happy to have added them to my shelf if i had read them i may not have rushed out to buy them or at least have only bought one of them. that being said Walking Disaster only cost me about $10 so it was not a HUGE expense


what do you get when you put me in a bookstore with a credit card? WAY TOO MANY BOOKS. Ok in fairness i only bought 4 and as The Immortal Rules is sitting pretty on my bookshelf me buying the Eternity Cure was sort of a given and after reading her Wings series i was legitimately interested in reading what Aprilynne Pike would give me next… that being said i am sincerely hoping it is as good as i think it will be rather than just another example of “you should have read it first”. Between the lives i must admit was a case of being drawn in by the description. i know nothing about the author and had never even hear of the book before but the story seems so intriguing stand by for a review on that one. As for Warm Bodies i must admit this was sort of an impulse buy. unless you have been living under a rock you will know that this has just been released as a movie and although i haven’t seen it yet it looks hilarious. when i saw a non movie cover i had to snap it up before they all go down that rout have been umming and arring over weather or not to read this (never been a huge Zombie fan) but judging by the fact i bought it it seems i am about to read it (bad form i know).


if you read my Top 10 Dos and Don’ts of books on a budget you may remember me telling of how i got a wonderful 30% off ONE full priced book voucher and then ended up buying 2 books because i couldn’t decide which one i wanted… well here they are. been meaning to pick them up for a while and as they are in gorgeous hard cover and one of them was 30% off how could i refuse … … … ok i am bad at the whole controlled buying thing.


my last purchase is a classic i have been looking for for ages. as a lover of all myths and legends, Arthurian tales being no exception how was i going to turn down the classic collection by T. H White. the cover is gorgeous and cloth bound and when you consider that this is a compilation of 5 books the $25 price tag does not even seem that excessive. well not until you look back at last months books and see i bought a book of Arthurian legends then as well… but oh well libraries often have books covering similar topics…

well with some quick calculations that comes to 10 books which is 1 book every 3 days… so that is still a remarkable improvement despite my last minute splurge (which was the equivalent of 1 book every 0.7 days…oops) … although quite a few of these books were quite expensive so not sure if i actually saved any money.


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