Unmaking Hunter Kennedy

Unmaking Hunter Kennedy ~ Anne Eliot


Rating 4 Stars


After a car accident–an event he considers a prank gone bad–pop star, Hunter Kennedy is forced to hide out with his aunt in small-town Colorado. He’s supposed to rest, heal his scars and attend high school in disguise until the press dies down. But he only wants to get back to work.
Worse, the girl who’s been assigned to make him over into a geek is a major geek herself. Vere Roth is a chattering pixie, a blushing tornado and a complete social disaster. He’s never met a girl who’s never-been-kissed, believes in romance and thinks Hunter’s a ‘nice’ guy.
Funny thing is…Hunter is nice around Vere because she’s his first real friend. He also can’t seem to stop sharing his secrets or keep her out of his heart. Knowing he’d never deserve a girl as sweet as Vere, he resigns himself to the friend zone, and helps his new bestie with her own makeover.
She tortures him daily for ridiculous guy advice on how to snag her life-long crush. A guy Hunter thinks is totally wrong for Vere, and sadly, one who has taken note of Vere’s transformation.


This is the RIGHT way to write a celebrity romance. this is also the first romance i have read in quite a while where one or both of the romantic leads has not annoyed the crap out of me. Hunter is the perfectly charming leading man and although when i was first introduced to him i thought i would hate him my opinion of him turned around almost as soon as he was plonked down in the middle of nowhere. meanwhile Vere Was just so adorkable and reminded me of pretty much every girl (yes including me) i know while still maintaining her own unique character. the love story despite the oddity of circumstances was believable and just soooo damn CUTE. there are two right ways of doing a love triangle and this book used the little used “obvious choice” to good affect. she was always going to end up with Hunter, not only is his name in the title but Curtis his competition is a jerk with not a redeeming feature to him, an yet her crush on Curtis is still believable and understandable particularly when considering how long lived it has been. most of the side characters were brilliant and although i wanted to hit charlie… i often want to hit my own brother so that’s ok. the only problem i found was the ending being so rushed…, also i think Hunter’s mum is a bit of a bitch despite her somewhat valid explanation. the best parts of this book i found were to be the cute little everyday scenes between Hunter and Vere the chemistry is electric and sparks fly… and all those other cliche’s

Memorable Quotes

“You’re the luckiest person in the whole world to have already figured out what you love. And you’ll be, quite possibly, the stupidest person in the world—if you don’t hold on to it.”

“she thinks we‟re both of the same species, but vultures don‟t make friends with

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