The Iron Traitor????

Well we have a cover reveal and for once despite how the cover looks I am not overly impressed. Don’t get me wrong the cover is beautiful but … well maybe I should just show you. The cover reveal this week is none other than Julie Kagawa’s The Iron Traitor.


See in theory a very pretty cover. My problem with all this is the lack of continuation. But that is not only seen in the cover but in the new title too. This book is book number two in “the call of the forgotten” which is a spin off series of “the Iron Fey” and here lies my problem these are the covers of the “Iron fey” books.

66441178590600 11699143  14061938

Oooh so pretty aren’t they? and yes if you a regular reader you may notice I have in-fact mention these before. now look at the cover for book 1 of the spin off series


hmmm? So which series would you say “the Iron Traitor” falls under? With it’s title change from “the Traitor Son” and reverting to the old cover style, this book looks like it is ready to take pride of place as “the Iron Fey book 5”. All that being said the cover is still very pretty… and really as the next book in a series I love, by an author I love, it is not going to stop me buying it… although it may lead to a few grudging stares.

Well enough about me. what do you think of the cover?


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