Top 10 Fairy-Tale Retellings


It has been brought to my Attention that in is Fairy Tale Fortnight, as a lover of all things fairy-tale I feel it is only right to commemorate with a top 10

Now you may notice there are no Cinderella’s included in this list this is not because I don’t like Cinderella (although miss original insta-love can annoy me, most retellings fix her up) but merely because there are so many that soon she will have her own post Top 10 Cinderellas (although this is a very specific field so feel free to suggest your favourites) also I am going to try and maintain some variety so I am going to try and keep it to 1 per fairy-tale as such you may not recognise all the fairy-tales but I believe you will enjoy them regardless . …on that note the more observant of you may notice that the majority of these come from the same series of books, although they are by different authors. this is because this series (or set rather as they don’t continue) is amazing (Read it)

10 Mermaid: A Twist on the Classic Tale ~ Carolyn Turgeon


Retelling of: The Little Mermaid

Time Period/Location: Once upon a time in a land far far away.

Info: In this original take of the little mermaid a princess and a mermaid vie for a prince’s heart. told from bot the mermaid’s and princess’s POV this heartbreaking story see’s two girls risk everything for something they want, something only one of them can have.

9 Golden ~ Cameron Dokey


Retelling of: Rapunzel

Time Period/Location: Once upon a time in a land far far away.

Info: when a man steals Rapunzel (a type of parsley) from an enchantress’s garden to fulfil his vein and pregnant wife’s craving he is caught. the enchantress then proceeds to make a bargain with the wife, all the rapunzel she wants but in payment if she could not look at her child with love the enchantress would claim her. when the babe is born bald with no hope of growing hair the mother hands over the babe to the witch. this is a very unique take on the tale but the tale is still there.

8 Beauty Sleep ~ Cameron Dokey


Retelling of: Sleeping Beauty

Time Period/Location: Once upon a time in a land far far away.

Info: The Princess Aurore was cursed as a baby that at the age of sixteen she would prick her finger and sleep for 100 years when she will be awakened by the kiss of a prince. when she discovers that this cure will not just harm her but is also harming her kingdom she runs away into the enchanted woods with the thought to protect her people. in the forest she comes across a young prince searching for a enchanted princess in the very center of the woods for it is his destiny to wake her with a kiss.

7 Water song ~ Suzanne Weyn,


Retelling of: Frog Prince

Time Period/Location: WWI Belgium

Info: While war rages Emma has yet to truly experience its effects. when she and her mother travel to the family estate in Belgium they never imagined they would be anything but safe but when her mother is killed in an air raid Emma soon finds herself all alone in the center of a war. when the enemy chooses her house as a headquarters for their war effort Emma finds herself protecting an American soldier, she found nearly dead in the bottom of her well by claiming him as her husband.

Sunlight and Shadow ~ Cameron Dokey


Retelling of: The Magic Flute

Time Period/Location: Once upon a time in a land far far away.

Info: Mina Is the daughter of the Queen of the night and the king of the day. a prophecy states that she will change the balance. she is raised by her mother with the knowledge that come her 16th birthday she would go to live with her father. but on the eve of her birthday her father kidnaps her and she is thrust into her fathers world. with an adopted sister that he always had time for, and the promise that she would marry her fathers knight of day to sway the prophecy in his favour. but somewhere far away she hears the bells that call to her heart.

5 Beastly ~ Alex Flinn


Retelling of: Beauty and the Beast

Time Period/Location: Modern Day New York

Info: Kyle Kingsbury had everything you could want. he was rich, popular, and the perfect good looks. His cruelty attracts the attention of a witch who turns him into a beast. he has one reprieve however, one chance. his one act of kindness (the simple gift of a rose) has bought him 2 years, 2 years to find someone he can love, and who he loves in return. but who can love a beast?

4 Crimson Thread ~ Suzanne Weyn 


Retelling of: Rumpelstiltskin

Time Period/Location: 1880’s New York

Info: Bertie has just arrived in New York from her home in Ireland. for the “land of opportunity” but they struggle to get enough food on the table, Bertie is lucky enough to get a job as a seamstress for textile tycoon J. P. Wellington. everything is fine until Wellington finds his business going down hill. Bertie’s father claims she can save them being such a good seamstress she can “practically spin straw into gold”. luckily in her short time in America she has made a few friends. including a man who goes by the name of Ray Stalls, who just happens to be able to turn the drab fabric into brilliant shining dresses. all that is left is the small matter of payment.

3 Ice ~ Sarah Beth Durst


Retelling of: East of the Sun, West of the Moon

Time Period/Location: Modern Day Arctic research station

Info: as a little girl Cassie’s grandmother told her about her mother who made a deal with the polar bear king and was swept away to the ends of the earth. now that she is older she knows that was just her grandmothers way of saying she had died. that is until her 18th birthday when the Polar bear king comes for her. her mother is alive and he will rescue her, if only Cassie would be his wife.

2 Violet Eyes ~ Debbie Viguié


Retelling of: The Princess and the Pea

Time Period/Location: Once upon a time in a land far far away.

Info: when the prince stumbles into her farm it is love at first sight for Violet. the prince loves her too but he knows he will not get to marry for love. for his parents are convinced that he shall marry the perfect princess. the fairest, daintiest, most delicate princess, a competition that Violet as a farm girl has no chance of winning. but she is not about to let that stand in her way of true love.

1 Snow ~ Tracy Lynn


Retelling of: Snow White

Time Period/Location: Industrial Revolution England

Info: this sticks to all the basics of Snow white… until suddenly it doesn’t. Jessica is the beautiful duchess who was raised by servants after her mothers death and fathers heartbreak. when her remarries a beautiful (and intelligent) woman while at first her new stepmother seems to want the best for her (if she is not a little strict) as Jessica grows older and more beautiful her stepmother grows jealous until fearing for her life Jessica escapes to London, and that is where the story really begins.


8 thoughts on “Top 10 Fairy-Tale Retellings

  1. I think these reworked tales would be a great read for my grand kids .giving them a. More realistic idea of life there for not so many dicapointmentsin in their own . Will be looking to buy .

    • yes i felt the same. the ending was a shame because i loved pretty much everything else as it was such an original take on the story. i am glad you enjoyed it and i do encourage you to read on.

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