Just One Wish

Just One Wish ~ Janette Rallison


Rating 4 stars


Seventeen-year-old Annika Truman knows about the power of positive thinking. With a little brother who has cancer, it’s all she ever hears about. And in order to help Jeremy, she will go to the ends of the earth (or at least as far as Hollywood) to help him believe he can survive his upcoming surgery.

But Annika’s plan to convince Jeremy that a magic genie will grant him any wish throws her a curveball when he unexpectedly wishes that his television idol would visit him. Annika suddenly finds herself in the desperate predicament of getting access to a hunky star actor and convincing him to come home with her. Piece of cake, right?


When I opened this book I was expecting a crappy little book (that I admit I would have probably guiltily enjoyed) however this book (particularly as you got towards the end) was actually quite beautiful. It had its moments where it was exactly what I thought it would be but then, quite out of the blue it would have a moment and I would be laughing, crying or just getting those delightful warm and fuzzies. Steve had the most hilarious voice and I really connected with Annika. The story Annika tells to her brother was the beautifully clever touch that strings it all together. This may only be a short book but it is one I will remember.

Memorable Quotes

“Perhaps I wasn’t going crazy after all.  Perhaps I was just becoming a writer.”

“I never said you were supposed to be a jailer, i only said a normal person would have questioned why someone would create a decoy nun and then crawl out the window.” 

“I will not go on, I thought.  I won’t.  I will throw my soul to the wind and blow into a thousand pieces.  I will wash up on a shore somewhere like bleached and broken driftwood. I will dry out in the sun until I-and any gift I ever had-shrivel into the sand.”   

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