Series Review: The Vincent Boys

These Reviews May Contain Spoilers

the reason I picked up these books was the cute bright covers unfortunately, for me at least, this was a case of don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

Series Rating 1.5 Stars

The Vincent Boys ~ Abbi Glines


Rating 1.5 Stars

This book was an interesting enough read. But as far as stories about love triangles go this one was very lopsided. For most of the book I hated Ashton because she loved Beau, He loved her and she was willing to cheat on Sawyer but not break up with him because it would be bad for her reputation… yes you heard her right apparently cheating is better than a break up. This ended up hurting everyone involved and just made a huge mess in general. That being said I loved when Beau took over the story he is charming and bad ass but still a genuinely sweet guy, Sawyer however was shown as mostly one dimensional stereotypical boring “prince charming” character. I am hoping the next story sees him grow as he and Lena are obviously meant to be together… in this world where opposites clearly don’t attract

The Vincent Brothers ~ Abbi Glines


GAHH what is it with this series? after reading the first book i hoped for something more from sawyer. for him to be given more depth, to be more than just prince charming. and he was… he became a Royal pain in the ass. for most of this book he is a JERK. not only does he knowingly play with Lana’s feelings but he willingly admits that before she changed herself for him she was ugly… hmm wait hold up… isn’t that exactly why it didn’t work out with Ashton? because she CHANGED HERSELF FOR HIM… I thought they were cute together in the last book … now that I have heard Sawyers thoughts not so much Lana on the other hand I liked, she was sweet kind and just a little bit broken. not only that, she went after what she wanted and was strong enough to walk away when something was not good for her. as the only 2 redeeming characters I am firm in the belief that Lana and Beau should just run off and be happy together (if it wasn’t for the fact that they would both be miserable because they like their jerky partners)… that being said the end of the book brought some sweet moments even if things wrapped up just that bit too nicely.

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