Beware the books of March

well one month down and the question is how did my self imposed sentence of reduced book buying go? well I did have an improvement (yay) but probably not as much as I should have (and considering my wish-list in the coming months I don’t like my chance of much reduction for a while) anyway now to the good stuff which books have newly found their way onto my Shelves.


ok I am maintaining that these don’t count (well not really) because they are text books… then again they did come out of my book budget and are taking up precious shelf space… and if they look all shiny and new its cause I have yet to use them… as this semester is half over I feel I should get to work but I have so many other unread books sitting on my shelf that look so much more interesting.


again I am going to try to convince everyone that these don’t count (because they are cookbooks) but unlike the text books even I don’t believe that. in my defence though I believe that everyone should own a women’s weekly kid’s birthday cake book and this is the latest and greatest.


well requiem is a new release and I do have the others on my shelf (also note the lack in delirium stories {I am being good and buying it later}) as for asunder I LOVED (and own) the first one and have been waiting for this for AGES (plus it came out over a month ago so I showed some constraint). I read Starcrossed late last year and was very disappointed not to be able to get my hands on the second one straight away (down side of the library) as I have yet to read the sequel (and a third one is coming out later this year) I figured it was time to buy them, even if I am not reading it until the next one comes out.


well this lot is a mixed bag hallowed I said I was going to buy last month ( as I do have the 1st and the 3rd) and as I found it $10 cheaper then normal (once again thank you Big W) I figured I would grab it while I can. clockwork princess was picked up as soon as it was out (I need to know how this ends {that being said I don’t want it to end} and I know I wasn’t the only one) and while I had considered buying Ashala Wolf since I read it (and I recommend EVERYONE reads it) this time it really shouldn’t count as it came free with clockwork princess (no idea why but I am not complaining). then there is Light, and yes for most of you that does not get released until tomorrow and that may have influenced my grabbing it now rather than later. finally there came my real impulse buy Blink once, I have no excuse other than it looked ok, have yet to read it but I “had to have it”


ok wizard of Oz and King Arthur are Classics (and pretty classics at that) and Water for Elephants is a beautiful book plus it makes my shelf look a little bit more mature (not that I care about Maturity).

so by my count that comes to 16 books which is about 1 book every 1.9 days, and that is including textbooks. so that is an improvement … but probably still way above average.


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