BOOK VS MOVIE : Ella Enchanted

May Contain Spoilers

As It is Fairy Tale Fortnight and I have only recently just read the original book of one of my FAVOURITE (Fairy-tale inspired) movies (despite the fact I am far too old for it) it only seems fitting that this should be the next book and movie to face off.


As this is one of my favourite movies I had high expectations for the book… and that is where it all went wrong. all the things I LOVED about the movie were the things they took great liberties with. in fact the movie is one of the loosest adaptions of a book I have seen in a long time.

Things in common

  • characters names
  • Ella is under a obedience spell
  • there is a giants wedding
  • she falls in love with a prince

and that is about it…

Main Changes  **SPOILERS**

  • Edgar (chars uncle) does not even appear in the book, however he is the main antagonist in the movie, plotting to kill the prince.


  • in the book ogres are evil, elves are mystical, fairy’s are secretive and the giants are happy.  in the movie ogres are scapegoats, giants are enslaved and elves are forced into show business. (the only named elf in the book is a “king”, in the movie he is the weirdo that wants to be a lawyer)


  • also while in both book and movie Ella has to do what she is told in the movie that includes the impossible while in the book she merely feels ill if she can’t.


  • in the book the setting is nothing all that special, but in the movie it is a wonderful mix between modern and medieval, this transcends the setting and moves into the characters themselves


don’t get me wrong once I stopped waiting for stuff to happen that I saw in the movie I quite enjoyed the book. but the magic I was hoping for just was not there (that’s the problem with expectations).  So it is with great surprise I give this one to the movies. but don’t take my word what do you think


Books Vs Movies 

1                1


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