BOOK VS MOVIE : Twilight

In honour of the release of the movie release of one of my favourite books The Host. I will be starting a new… segment… books VS movies. we all know that

“the movie is never as good as the book”

… although some do come pretty close… and in rare cases I have found the exception that makes the rule (although in these cases it is usually movies that become books rather than books released as movies) there is always the question of which one you experience first.

Now as i have not seen the Host movie yes i am going to start off with the book to movie of Meyer’s best known book Twilight.

  Twilight VS  twilight

Now for me this is an easy choice… mostly because the movie sucked… in fairness I have found that the movies have improved with each addition but that does not change the fact that the first one was not much to start with. I disagreed with most of the casting in this… I never agreed with Pattinson as Edward and like most people it did not take long before Stewart was annoying the crap out of me. It has become a well accepted fact that most of the crap that this series gets spawns from this movie (or at least most of the crap that does not spawn because of the annoying twihards). In all fairness one of the main reasons this movie did not work was that the vast majority of this book happens in bella’s head. without Bella’s descriptions of Edward and her inner monologue all you are left with is the creepy guy who watches her through windows before kidnapping her and nearly killing her… yeah sorry not working for me. When you add in the “interesting” choices in lighting and tone (Did anyone else notice that the vast majority of this film is BLUE…? I know it is called “Twilight” but that is taking it too far). Compare these two cafeteria photos.


What it really looks like

What it really looks like

in the movie

In the movie

When you add in the fact that Pattinson HATES Edward and so therefore plays him as a guy who hates himself this movie loses all the magic that was in the book (and yes for a long time this was one of my favourites and I still enjoy to read it sometimes) I can still remember how Excited I was when this movie came out and how disappointed I was when I walked out of the cinema.

Now although I have ragged out this movie I do need to give them some credit for what they did RIGHT.

1st Ashley Greene made the PERFECT Alice (which is lucky because if she wasn’t I would NOT have been happy

2nd Cam Gigandet made a great James, the perfect mix between deliciously evil and bad boy hot, making climax of the movie actually climatic… although I admit I was disappointed when he had to die (despite what the book says)

3rd… actually most of the minor characters were cast well. notably Charlie, Carlisle, Esme, Jasper and well the Cullen family in general.  

Still despite this (at least for me) the movie still falls short.

but don’t let me tell you what to think.


Books Vs Movies 

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