Series Review: Hush Hush


Hush Hush was a series I didn’t start reading until all 4 books were out. As such when I bought it I got this lovely hard cover box set. As a note for anyone getting this box set the box is probably a fraction too small making getting books out or putting them in a slight challenge. Also the painted title on my copy at least chips off so handle with care. That being said they are such pretty books.

Series Rating 3.5 stars

Hush Hush ~ Becca Fitzpatrick


Rating 4 stars

Well to say I am sick of angel books would be an understatement. I have seen this book so many times and not picked it up because I thought I would be just another Fallen which while I enjoyed it well enough did not pull me in that much. But after a few strongly worded recommendations I finally picked up a copy. My first thought was Twilight I mean why do they always meet the dark and mysterious stranger in biology? But the more I read it the more it drew me in. the characters are complex and compelling and leave you wondering who is the bad guy in this story right until the end. Only kicking myself that I didn’t get my hand on the second one before I started reading because now I have to wait. although I do feel the need to vent about that stupid coach who did not take the claim of sexual assault seriously… how did he not get fired… or at least face some sort of repercussions when he encouraged it in front of the whole class.

Crescendo ~ Becca Fitzpatrick


Rating 4 stars

This book did something really impressive that does not happen often… it surprised me. It may not seem like much but usually by the time I get half way through a book I know pretty much how it is going to end. I think I realised what was happening in this book only a moment before Nora … and then I was left kicking myself because that means I am just a stupid as her. The second book in a paranormal Romance almost always seems to include a separation. What I loved about this was that I was of Nora’s own doing (weather or not she had good reason). The other wonderfully pleasant thing was that Patch was still around so we didn’t get the twilight style moaning and depression.

Silence ~ Becca Fitzpatrick


Rating 2.5 stars

This was my least favourite of the series so far. While the memory loss was interesting and had potential I didn’t lose my memory so I still knew exactly what was going on and so I got irritated at her for being so slow. also after all the emphasis placed on the ring in the last book I would have like if that played some role in Nora realising who Patch was. The other component I found missing from this book was the mystery in the first 2 books we knew there was a mysterious bad guy but we didn’t know who it was until the end. In this book we knew who the bad guy was from the last chapter of Crescendo which I found really diminished the suspense although having her unable to escape him knowing who he was, was a nice touch. Although I am hoping that the last book reverts back to the feel of the first two.

Finale ~ Becca Fitzpatrick


Rating 3.5 stars

As I hoped this book was reminiscent of the first two books with unexpected twists and turns that I may not have seen coming until they were nearly upon me. I am admittedly more confused about Nephlim aging and immortality than I was when I started reading this book there just seems too many contradictions for my head to wrap around. The ending of the series I was a little disappointed in but it still was a compelling read and I am happy that the series returned to its strength rather than just petering out.


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