Series Review: The Iron Fey


Ooooh a box set

Series Rating 4 Stars

The Iron King ~ Julie Kagawa


Rating 3 Stars

While slow in parts this book is the begining of one of my favourite “Fey” series. the idea of “Iron fey” is intriguing and believable and allows a fresh twist on these tales. Modernising while still keeping the roots. the love triangle between puck ash and Meghan is refreshingly believable and Grimilkin plays the role of the all knowing guide well. after all he is a cat.

Winter’s Passage ~ Julie Kagawa


Rating 3 Stars

was pleasantly surprised by this novella. In my experience novellas that are part of a series often feel rushed and fail to capture the tone, the essence of the rest of their series. I found winters passage read like bonus chapters. Sure there was the overarching storyline of the “Hunter” and reaching Tir Na Nog but it felt just like the smaller more manageable storylines you find in the original Iron king e.g. Puck and Meghan traveling to the Summer Court. It may be just that Kagawa’s style translates well into this format but the care that was taken is evident the perfect little teaser before I launch myself into The Iron Daughter

The Iron Daughter ~ Julie Kagawa


Rating 4 Stars

This is the book where everything changes. In The Iron King good and evil was fairly clear cut. Iron fey were very evil, unseelie especially evil, all fey in general were evil. Puck was good, Grimalkin Was good and Ash was mostly good. This book starts to show them for what they truly are just different sides of a war. With the introduction of the idea that maybe not all iron fey are evil, that Ash just might be and with fey in general risking their lives to defend her Meghan suddenly has to revaluate her judgement on these people. Even Meghan isn’t constant with frightening new powers that leave you wondering just which side she is truly on

The Iron Queen ~ Julie Kagawa


Rating 4 Stars

War has broken out between the Iron fey and the old bloods. Meanwhile a similar war wages inside Meghan as her iron and summer glamour clash. Thrown out of the nevernever for her love of prince Ash Meghan finds herself perused by the iron fey claiming to protect her or bring her to the false king. But every war has it’s casualties and Meghan needs to decide what side she is on and what Price is too big to pay for victory.

This is one of those series that just keep getting better I put off rereading it because I forgot just how wonderful the series gets the first book is enjoyable but this is Magic.

Summer’s Passage ~ Julie Kagawa


Rating 3 Stars

as far as novellas go this one was quite good. unlike winters passage it did not feel like an extention of the books or a bonus chapter although that is mainly because the story was told be one Robin Goodfellow. the voice was charming and a refreshing change from meghan (not that i don’t still love her)

The Iron Knight ~ Julie Kagawa


Rating 4 Stars

this book automatically felt out of place to the rest of the series (a new narrator will do that) that being said it was interesting to get a look into Ash’s mind and I am glad that Meghan’s story ended where it did. I am currently sitting here trying to work out which ending is more tragic and I think I decided on this one because the worst case scenario literally brought tears to my eyes. However it comes with a hope that it may not come to pass. Kagawa has spun a beautiful series with just the right amount of heartbreak. (on the other hand after all the obsession with the iron glamour being shared by marriage i don’t see why they didn’t just marry and have it all be tied up in a neat little bow. this may be a better ending but not for the characters)

The only thing I found lacking was Meghan in this book. While I fall for ash in the first 3 books and therefor want him to be with Meghan by the end this book never quite explains to me what was so special about her. And considering the sacrifice he plans to make I want to know why especially when there is an alternative that makes more sense (if I hadn’t been in Meghan’s head for the past 3 books).

Iron’s Prophecy ~ Julie Kagawa


Rating 2 Stars

This was my least favourite of the novellas in this series. That being said it was still a wonderful read. Unlike the others this novella defiantly felt it had a purpose. To make you read the spin-off series “the call of the forgotten” the worst part of it was that it worked no sooner had I finished this did I pick up The Lost Prince and start reading despite being after midnight. It did shed a little bit more light on ash’s situation and led me to be able to hope for a happy ending. I guess what happens in this spinoff will really determine for me if Ash & Meghan get their happy ending… although what I love about Kagawa is I doubt it. Just when Ash and Meghan are brought together they here this prophecy that rips their perfect world apart. There is no such thing as a happy ending life continues past the edges of the story.~ ooh look at me getting all deep…. LOOK WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO ME

The Iron Legends ~ Julie Kagawa


this book is a collection of the 3 novellas (winter, summer and iron) but it also contains some bonus material.

The info stuff at the end while interesting doesn’t actually give you much if you have actually read the series. Like I had by the time I had finished “iron’s prophecy” or else if you read it earlier it contains spoilers so I am not entirely sure of the point of it. What I found great was just as I was thinking this I came across Grimalkin and he jumps in (interrupting his description) saying basically everything I was thinking.

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