Books of the New Year (January and Febuary)

Well as I seem to be constantly adding to my collection (maybe that is the reason I am broke) every month I will show off my new pretty books, this month will include January’s books as they are amazing too and deserve to be shown off. I will not be including ebooks for 2 main reasons…

1) I am yet to actually pay for one

2) This list would be over 100 books and would go on forever


While I had read some of these books before I am so glad I waited for the pretty covers, so I now have matching sets. also Maria V. Snyder is one of the best authors ever so I NEEDED these books… and after reading Graceling I need to know what happens next.


Ok i admit this was a rebuy… I needed the box set. although in my defence i did sell my old books before buying this new set.


I loved this series (The Sisters Grimm) as a kid but had never compleated the series. now I have bought the full set and can continue the journey. (there is nothing wrong with reading children’s books)  SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

yes this is 9 of Sarah Dessen’s amazing books all with the beautiful UK collage covers. so far have only read 2 of them but can’t wait to start the next one.


there was no way I was going to be able to turn down these gorgeous leather-bound editions of Peter pan or Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales. Just One Day was a must read and Watch Me is an Ex library book that cost me all of 20 cents (so doesn’t really count … ). Boundless I picked up because it was cheep(ish) and I already have the first book… still need to pick up the second though… I bought Easy the day after finishing it on my E-reader and admittedly the rest I have no excuse for other than… “it looks good”


like I wasn’t going to buy Indigo Spell the day it came out… although i am doing an ok job at holding off reading it until the next one comes out later this year. The Wishing Spell may be a children’s book (but I repeat nothing wrong with reading children’s books) but Colfer weaves a wonderful tale … and the cover is just so old-fashioned beautiful. first non nostalgic children’s book that I am actually anxious for the sequel. Reached was an obligation buy… I have the other two books and I am sure I will want to know how it ends. eve and once I bought because I enjoyed eve and I saw a nice hard cover once for about $10 (thank you big W) so I figured now was the time to buy… and I need my sets to match.

so at a rough guess (if in fact I am not counting any of December’s buys) that comes to about 44 books in 2 months or one book every 1.3 days… ok  I admit I may have a problem … I swear that this month I will reduce this so maybe I can rename this blog “confessions of a (not so) broke bibliophile” by the end of the year



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