Fiery Heart

Well i don’t know about you but when i discovered that the cover for the next book in the Bloodlines series, Fiery Heart had been released i was excited. that being said i had a sinking feeling about it. the name fiery heart inspires 3 colour options. Red, Orange and Yellow and as red and yellow had already been used that left orange. and i do not believe that i have ever seen a pretty orange cover (i may be wrong but i can tell you it is not a common event) that being said if there is one thing the bloodlines series has definatly done right it has been the gorgeous covers. so i really wan’t entirly sure what to expect when the cover came out.

i think considering the colour scheme this cover lives up to the bloodlines expectations. that being said the people on the front should never wear orange it is not their colour. and that alone is enough to place this book on the botom of the bloodlines covers. still so pretty and i need to get my hands on it. but enough about what i think. whats your oppinion on the new cover


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