BOOK VS MOVIE : Ella Enchanted

May Contain Spoilers

As It is Fairy Tale Fortnight and I have only recently just read the original book of one of my FAVOURITE (Fairy-tale inspired) movies (despite the fact I am far too old for it) it only seems fitting that this should be the next book and movie to face off.


As this is one of my favourite movies I had high expectations for the book… and that is where it all went wrong. all the things I LOVED about the movie were the things they took great liberties with. in fact the movie is one of the loosest adaptions of a book I have seen in a long time.

Things in common

  • characters names
  • Ella is under a obedience spell
  • there is a giants wedding
  • she falls in love with a prince

and that is about it…

Main Changes  **SPOILERS**

  • Edgar (chars uncle) does not even appear in the book, however he is the main antagonist in the movie, plotting to kill the prince.


  • in the book ogres are evil, elves are mystical, fairy’s are secretive and the giants are happy.  in the movie ogres are scapegoats, giants are enslaved and elves are forced into show business. (the only named elf in the book is a “king”, in the movie he is the weirdo that wants to be a lawyer)


  • also while in both book and movie Ella has to do what she is told in the movie that includes the impossible while in the book she merely feels ill if she can’t.


  • in the book the setting is nothing all that special, but in the movie it is a wonderful mix between modern and medieval, this transcends the setting and moves into the characters themselves


don’t get me wrong once I stopped waiting for stuff to happen that I saw in the movie I quite enjoyed the book. but the magic I was hoping for just was not there (that’s the problem with expectations).  So it is with great surprise I give this one to the movies. but don’t take my word what do you think


Books Vs Movies 

1                1


BOOK VS MOVIE : Twilight

In honour of the release of the movie release of one of my favourite books The Host. I will be starting a new… segment… books VS movies. we all know that

“the movie is never as good as the book”

… although some do come pretty close… and in rare cases I have found the exception that makes the rule (although in these cases it is usually movies that become books rather than books released as movies) there is always the question of which one you experience first.

Now as i have not seen the Host movie yes i am going to start off with the book to movie of Meyer’s best known book Twilight.

  Twilight VS  twilight

Now for me this is an easy choice… mostly because the movie sucked… in fairness I have found that the movies have improved with each addition but that does not change the fact that the first one was not much to start with. I disagreed with most of the casting in this… I never agreed with Pattinson as Edward and like most people it did not take long before Stewart was annoying the crap out of me. It has become a well accepted fact that most of the crap that this series gets spawns from this movie (or at least most of the crap that does not spawn because of the annoying twihards). In all fairness one of the main reasons this movie did not work was that the vast majority of this book happens in bella’s head. without Bella’s descriptions of Edward and her inner monologue all you are left with is the creepy guy who watches her through windows before kidnapping her and nearly killing her… yeah sorry not working for me. When you add in the “interesting” choices in lighting and tone (Did anyone else notice that the vast majority of this film is BLUE…? I know it is called “Twilight” but that is taking it too far). Compare these two cafeteria photos.


What it really looks like

What it really looks like

in the movie

In the movie

When you add in the fact that Pattinson HATES Edward and so therefore plays him as a guy who hates himself this movie loses all the magic that was in the book (and yes for a long time this was one of my favourites and I still enjoy to read it sometimes) I can still remember how Excited I was when this movie came out and how disappointed I was when I walked out of the cinema.

Now although I have ragged out this movie I do need to give them some credit for what they did RIGHT.

1st Ashley Greene made the PERFECT Alice (which is lucky because if she wasn’t I would NOT have been happy

2nd Cam Gigandet made a great James, the perfect mix between deliciously evil and bad boy hot, making climax of the movie actually climatic… although I admit I was disappointed when he had to die (despite what the book says)

3rd… actually most of the minor characters were cast well. notably Charlie, Carlisle, Esme, Jasper and well the Cullen family in general.  

Still despite this (at least for me) the movie still falls short.

but don’t let me tell you what to think.


Books Vs Movies 

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Series Review: Paranormalcy

These Reviews May Contain Spoilers

Series Rating 4.5 Stars

Paranormalcy ~ Kiersten White


Rating 5 Stars

reasons i love this book.
1) the vampires are vampires
2) the wearwolves are wearwolves
… you get the point. not only that but the newly created paranormal creatures are interesting as well. this book became the first thing i bought online because i loved it so much and could not find it anywhere.the story is broken nicely with humour that is cleverly belivable despite how weird the quotes may be without the context.
“sometimes I put my license inside my locker, and it’s so cool I worry that the whole thing might explode with the sheer coolness of it all.”

Supernaturally ~ Kiersten White


Rating 4 Stars

This is one of those books i enjoyed more the second time I read it. The first time I was kind of screaming at Evie for her stupid choices… but this time I read it and I got them. Finding out your boyfriend is immortal is bound to mess with your head. And under these conditions i can understand where she comes from completely. While not as good as the first this book pulls me in and makes me anxious to read the next chapter in this amazing series.

Endlessly ~ Kiersten White


Rating 4.5 Stars

my first thought when i picked up was (… ok i admit it was oooh pretty but right after that)the name doesn’t match the other 2 in the series (i started calling it lendlessly see what i did there)… but once i started reading it i completely forgot about the name. this is a beautiful conclusion to the series but i admit i may be a tad disappointed with how they delt with Lends immortality… although it is refreshingly different way. (spoiler)  with the discovery of Evei’s ability to grow her own soul based on love i fully expected her to be able to last for as long as she was with lend… rather then him losing his immortality… at least i think he did everything was happening so fast at the end and (End spoiler) it was 3 am by the time i finished, it’s not like i could put the book down. my only complaint is that everything ended to happily… i was expecting more of a tragically beautiful ending like the real ending of Destined by Aprilynne Pike but we all know i was way to invested in the characters to be actually disappointed.

on a side note i have decided that Evei’s choice to only take “parts” of the soul is sooo much creepier that Vivian taking the whole thing. if we look at the souls as just life energy my first thought is the torcher machine from The Princess Bride or if we look at it as actually souls first thought is Voldemort and his horcrux’s … either way sooo creepy and not soo good…

Also By This Author

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I Don’t know how it took me so long to find out but the Harry Potter books are having a makeover. Only one has been released and considering it is taking over the classics I am actually impressed (unlike the “white covers” which did nothing for me). judging by the title this will probably be an American release but who knows maybe they will do the original title as well. but don’t take my word for it. what do you think

New Cover

Uk Cover

Us Cover

Us Cover

White cover

White cover


Cover Rant

If there is one thing I HATE about books coming out as movies (no matter how wonderful the movie is) is the release of the EVIL that is MOVIE COVERS. not only do movies very often (usually through necessity) bend the plot but putting actors on the cover i feel tells you what the characters are MEANT to look like changing how you view them. now before you tell me it is no different to the “photo covers” that so many books lean towards not only do i not personally like those covers (usually) anyway but they are not usually the books affected and the movie covers often give a better shot of a full specific person rather than just a snipped of A person. … that may not be clear but to make my point here are some examples


twilight may not be the most popular book but it did go from symbolic covers to this ^ crap

book-cover-beastly-film-20558308-350-500 VSbeastly-movie-tie-in-cover


this one in Particular infuriates me. not only is the original cover near perfect for the story but the movie changes everything so much that the characters on the front look nothing like they do in the book (she is meant to be a red-head and he a huge hairy beast… not just tattooed)


saphira%20book%20cover VSeragon

Firstly this book is about DRAGONS which one captures that best? further more they try to squeeze way to many characters on that cover and many of them don’t match their descriptions.

W4E-book-coverand water-for-elephantsVS WFE_book

this is one of the covers that while i still don’t like the movie cover it still manages to capture the same feel and magic as the others do. this may be in part that the old covers are photographs as well.

finally the book that started this rant The Host

The HostVS the-host

the feel is lost. there is less focus on the “soul” and more focus on the love triangle and I just generally am not impressed by this cover


I do feel the need to give a shout out to Harry Potter for the fact that Despite the HUGE movie franchise they NEVER released Movie covers they kept the two separate.

what about you are there any movie covers that have actually impressed you?


Series Review: Hush Hush


Hush Hush was a series I didn’t start reading until all 4 books were out. As such when I bought it I got this lovely hard cover box set. As a note for anyone getting this box set the box is probably a fraction too small making getting books out or putting them in a slight challenge. Also the painted title on my copy at least chips off so handle with care. That being said they are such pretty books.

Series Rating 3.5 stars

Hush Hush ~ Becca Fitzpatrick


Rating 4 stars

Well to say I am sick of angel books would be an understatement. I have seen this book so many times and not picked it up because I thought I would be just another Fallen which while I enjoyed it well enough did not pull me in that much. But after a few strongly worded recommendations I finally picked up a copy. My first thought was Twilight I mean why do they always meet the dark and mysterious stranger in biology? But the more I read it the more it drew me in. the characters are complex and compelling and leave you wondering who is the bad guy in this story right until the end. Only kicking myself that I didn’t get my hand on the second one before I started reading because now I have to wait. although I do feel the need to vent about that stupid coach who did not take the claim of sexual assault seriously… how did he not get fired… or at least face some sort of repercussions when he encouraged it in front of the whole class.

Crescendo ~ Becca Fitzpatrick


Rating 4 stars

This book did something really impressive that does not happen often… it surprised me. It may not seem like much but usually by the time I get half way through a book I know pretty much how it is going to end. I think I realised what was happening in this book only a moment before Nora … and then I was left kicking myself because that means I am just a stupid as her. The second book in a paranormal Romance almost always seems to include a separation. What I loved about this was that I was of Nora’s own doing (weather or not she had good reason). The other wonderfully pleasant thing was that Patch was still around so we didn’t get the twilight style moaning and depression.

Silence ~ Becca Fitzpatrick


Rating 2.5 stars

This was my least favourite of the series so far. While the memory loss was interesting and had potential I didn’t lose my memory so I still knew exactly what was going on and so I got irritated at her for being so slow. also after all the emphasis placed on the ring in the last book I would have like if that played some role in Nora realising who Patch was. The other component I found missing from this book was the mystery in the first 2 books we knew there was a mysterious bad guy but we didn’t know who it was until the end. In this book we knew who the bad guy was from the last chapter of Crescendo which I found really diminished the suspense although having her unable to escape him knowing who he was, was a nice touch. Although I am hoping that the last book reverts back to the feel of the first two.

Finale ~ Becca Fitzpatrick


Rating 3.5 stars

As I hoped this book was reminiscent of the first two books with unexpected twists and turns that I may not have seen coming until they were nearly upon me. I am admittedly more confused about Nephlim aging and immortality than I was when I started reading this book there just seems too many contradictions for my head to wrap around. The ending of the series I was a little disappointed in but it still was a compelling read and I am happy that the series returned to its strength rather than just petering out.

Series Review: The Iron Fey


Ooooh a box set

Series Rating 4 Stars

The Iron King ~ Julie Kagawa


Rating 3 Stars

While slow in parts this book is the begining of one of my favourite “Fey” series. the idea of “Iron fey” is intriguing and believable and allows a fresh twist on these tales. Modernising while still keeping the roots. the love triangle between puck ash and Meghan is refreshingly believable and Grimilkin plays the role of the all knowing guide well. after all he is a cat.

Winter’s Passage ~ Julie Kagawa


Rating 3 Stars

was pleasantly surprised by this novella. In my experience novellas that are part of a series often feel rushed and fail to capture the tone, the essence of the rest of their series. I found winters passage read like bonus chapters. Sure there was the overarching storyline of the “Hunter” and reaching Tir Na Nog but it felt just like the smaller more manageable storylines you find in the original Iron king e.g. Puck and Meghan traveling to the Summer Court. It may be just that Kagawa’s style translates well into this format but the care that was taken is evident the perfect little teaser before I launch myself into The Iron Daughter

The Iron Daughter ~ Julie Kagawa


Rating 4 Stars

This is the book where everything changes. In The Iron King good and evil was fairly clear cut. Iron fey were very evil, unseelie especially evil, all fey in general were evil. Puck was good, Grimalkin Was good and Ash was mostly good. This book starts to show them for what they truly are just different sides of a war. With the introduction of the idea that maybe not all iron fey are evil, that Ash just might be and with fey in general risking their lives to defend her Meghan suddenly has to revaluate her judgement on these people. Even Meghan isn’t constant with frightening new powers that leave you wondering just which side she is truly on

The Iron Queen ~ Julie Kagawa


Rating 4 Stars

War has broken out between the Iron fey and the old bloods. Meanwhile a similar war wages inside Meghan as her iron and summer glamour clash. Thrown out of the nevernever for her love of prince Ash Meghan finds herself perused by the iron fey claiming to protect her or bring her to the false king. But every war has it’s casualties and Meghan needs to decide what side she is on and what Price is too big to pay for victory.

This is one of those series that just keep getting better I put off rereading it because I forgot just how wonderful the series gets the first book is enjoyable but this is Magic.

Summer’s Passage ~ Julie Kagawa


Rating 3 Stars

as far as novellas go this one was quite good. unlike winters passage it did not feel like an extention of the books or a bonus chapter although that is mainly because the story was told be one Robin Goodfellow. the voice was charming and a refreshing change from meghan (not that i don’t still love her)

The Iron Knight ~ Julie Kagawa


Rating 4 Stars

this book automatically felt out of place to the rest of the series (a new narrator will do that) that being said it was interesting to get a look into Ash’s mind and I am glad that Meghan’s story ended where it did. I am currently sitting here trying to work out which ending is more tragic and I think I decided on this one because the worst case scenario literally brought tears to my eyes. However it comes with a hope that it may not come to pass. Kagawa has spun a beautiful series with just the right amount of heartbreak. (on the other hand after all the obsession with the iron glamour being shared by marriage i don’t see why they didn’t just marry and have it all be tied up in a neat little bow. this may be a better ending but not for the characters)

The only thing I found lacking was Meghan in this book. While I fall for ash in the first 3 books and therefor want him to be with Meghan by the end this book never quite explains to me what was so special about her. And considering the sacrifice he plans to make I want to know why especially when there is an alternative that makes more sense (if I hadn’t been in Meghan’s head for the past 3 books).

Iron’s Prophecy ~ Julie Kagawa


Rating 2 Stars

This was my least favourite of the novellas in this series. That being said it was still a wonderful read. Unlike the others this novella defiantly felt it had a purpose. To make you read the spin-off series “the call of the forgotten” the worst part of it was that it worked no sooner had I finished this did I pick up The Lost Prince and start reading despite being after midnight. It did shed a little bit more light on ash’s situation and led me to be able to hope for a happy ending. I guess what happens in this spinoff will really determine for me if Ash & Meghan get their happy ending… although what I love about Kagawa is I doubt it. Just when Ash and Meghan are brought together they here this prophecy that rips their perfect world apart. There is no such thing as a happy ending life continues past the edges of the story.~ ooh look at me getting all deep…. LOOK WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO ME

The Iron Legends ~ Julie Kagawa


this book is a collection of the 3 novellas (winter, summer and iron) but it also contains some bonus material.

The info stuff at the end while interesting doesn’t actually give you much if you have actually read the series. Like I had by the time I had finished “iron’s prophecy” or else if you read it earlier it contains spoilers so I am not entirely sure of the point of it. What I found great was just as I was thinking this I came across Grimalkin and he jumps in (interrupting his description) saying basically everything I was thinking.

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Books of the New Year (January and Febuary)

Well as I seem to be constantly adding to my collection (maybe that is the reason I am broke) every month I will show off my new pretty books, this month will include January’s books as they are amazing too and deserve to be shown off. I will not be including ebooks for 2 main reasons…

1) I am yet to actually pay for one

2) This list would be over 100 books and would go on forever


While I had read some of these books before I am so glad I waited for the pretty covers, so I now have matching sets. also Maria V. Snyder is one of the best authors ever so I NEEDED these books… and after reading Graceling I need to know what happens next.


Ok i admit this was a rebuy… I needed the box set. although in my defence i did sell my old books before buying this new set.


I loved this series (The Sisters Grimm) as a kid but had never compleated the series. now I have bought the full set and can continue the journey. (there is nothing wrong with reading children’s books)  SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

yes this is 9 of Sarah Dessen’s amazing books all with the beautiful UK collage covers. so far have only read 2 of them but can’t wait to start the next one.


there was no way I was going to be able to turn down these gorgeous leather-bound editions of Peter pan or Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales. Just One Day was a must read and Watch Me is an Ex library book that cost me all of 20 cents (so doesn’t really count … ). Boundless I picked up because it was cheep(ish) and I already have the first book… still need to pick up the second though… I bought Easy the day after finishing it on my E-reader and admittedly the rest I have no excuse for other than… “it looks good”


like I wasn’t going to buy Indigo Spell the day it came out… although i am doing an ok job at holding off reading it until the next one comes out later this year. The Wishing Spell may be a children’s book (but I repeat nothing wrong with reading children’s books) but Colfer weaves a wonderful tale … and the cover is just so old-fashioned beautiful. first non nostalgic children’s book that I am actually anxious for the sequel. Reached was an obligation buy… I have the other two books and I am sure I will want to know how it ends. eve and once I bought because I enjoyed eve and I saw a nice hard cover once for about $10 (thank you big W) so I figured now was the time to buy… and I need my sets to match.

so at a rough guess (if in fact I am not counting any of December’s buys) that comes to about 44 books in 2 months or one book every 1.3 days… ok  I admit I may have a problem … I swear that this month I will reduce this so maybe I can rename this blog “confessions of a (not so) broke bibliophile” by the end of the year


Fiery Heart

Well i don’t know about you but when i discovered that the cover for the next book in the Bloodlines series, Fiery Heart had been released i was excited. that being said i had a sinking feeling about it. the name fiery heart inspires 3 colour options. Red, Orange and Yellow and as red and yellow had already been used that left orange. and i do not believe that i have ever seen a pretty orange cover (i may be wrong but i can tell you it is not a common event) that being said if there is one thing the bloodlines series has definatly done right it has been the gorgeous covers. so i really wan’t entirly sure what to expect when the cover came out.

i think considering the colour scheme this cover lives up to the bloodlines expectations. that being said the people on the front should never wear orange it is not their colour. and that alone is enough to place this book on the botom of the bloodlines covers. still so pretty and i need to get my hands on it. but enough about what i think. whats your oppinion on the new cover