Top 10 Simon Pulse Romantic Comedies



Yes this is a very specific Top 10 but I loved these books from the moment I picked them up, from the original cute cartoon covers to the wonder of being introduced to a range of wonderful authors. So here is the Top 10

10 30 Guys in 30 Days ~ Micol Ostow *

30 guys

Claudia has just broken up with her long-term high school boyfriend to discover herself at college rather than trying to maintain the relationship long distance. The trouble is it has been so long since she was single she has completely forgotten how to flirt or even talk to guys. So when her roommate challenges her to meet a new guy every day for a month as “target practice” Claudia agrees. Will Claudia Find a new Mr right or will she realise she had him from the start.

9 The Ex Games ~Jennifer Echols


Hayden and Nick were once a couple but a bet and a hugely public breakup left them “just friends” well less than that really more like their friends were dating each other so they just had to deal. When Nick claims that boys are better athletes then girls and says that despite Hayden’s recent snowboarding comp win that she would not stand a chance against a guy it is war. A battle of the sexes quickly heats up with the girls siding with Hayden and the boys with Nick. The prize losers buy the winners tickets to the concert on Valentine’s Day.

8 In The Stars ~ Stacia Deutsch, Rhody Cohon


Sylvie is the complete opposite to her best friend Cherise. While they both look to the stars Sylvie follows in her mother’s footsteps as an astronomer while Cherise sees the future written in them, with frightening accuracy. So when she tells Sylvie that Prince charming is coming her way she grudgingly agrees to give it a shot if he asks by the end of the day. Sure enough by the end of the day she has a date. But what if Prince charming, the guy written in the stars as her destiny is not able to claim her heart?

7 Getting To Third Date ~ Kelly McClymer *

3rd date

Katelyn is a freshman at college. But she has a secret identity; she is Mother Hubbard, the relationship advice columnist for the collage newspaper. But when the students complain about her strict no non-sense dating advice, her editor hatches a plan. Tyler finds out about Katelyn’s strict 3 date rule and challenges her to give a chance to 3 guys that she had already written off. Considering that Tyler is her current crush it’s not like she is likely to say no. but with Tyler head over heels for her Roommate maybe love is waiting in the past.

6 Drive me Crazy ~ Erin Downing


For the last year Kate has been Dreaming of that one kiss she shared with Lucas last summer at the Lake. This summer her and her friends are road tripping it back to the lake in “Love” (so cool there is a place called love) where Kate wants Lucas to meet her so they can begin this summer where they left off. She is ready for a week of Fun on the Road with her friends but when Alexis’s annoying, sarcastic and downright irritating cousin crashes their road trip Kate can’t wait to reach Love and escape into Lucas’s arms.

5 Major Crush ~ Jennifer Echols


Virginia Used to be a beauty queen and a Majorette in the school band but a secret caused her to swap the tiara for a nose ring and try out for drum major the only catch is she is forced to share the title with legacy Drew. Sure he is hot but that does not make him any easier to work with. When given the ultimatum, learn to work together or lose the title, she a Drew form a tentative friendship and soon sparks fly. But with rumours floating around and an evil ex-girlfriend still in the picture they will struggle to keep the band together let alone themselves. i just love Hate -> books

4 Ripped At The Seams ~ Nancy E. Krulik *

Ripped at the Seams

Sami is a small town girl with big dreams. She moves to new you with the dream of making it as a fashion designer and putting her town on the map.  But she soon discovers that the city is not all she thought it would be when someone is murdered in her hotel and that not everyone is to be trusted when her new boyfriend steals her designs. Will Sami be able to make it in the big city or will she return home to her father with her tail between her legs? And will she find her Mr Right in a city where there are so many Mr Wrongs?

3 A Novel Idea ~ Aimee Friedman

Novel idea

Norah is a good student. She gets good grades and hopes to be off to college after graduation. The only problem is her choice collage wants more extracurriculars. So Norah sets up a book club and an interesting group of people join. From Queen bitch Francesca to science geek Neil but one in particular has caught Norah’s eye James is a hottie and he has great taste in books (what more could you want right?) and Norah decides she will do whatever it takes to get his attention. Whatever it takes turns out to be recreating scenes from her latest trashy romance (yeah I would totally do this). But Norah’s isn’t the only secret plot and everyone in the book club may just be looking for love.

2 She’s Got The Beat ~ Nancy E. Krulik *


Miranda was a quite girl from a small town. She is off to college in Austin when at the graduation party her long term boyfriend Denny drops the question. She refuses knowing that if she accepted she would never leave her hometown. When she moves to Austin she finds Love in the form of the drums (and maybe her sexy Drums teacher) behind the drums Miranda goes wild but when a new guy starts haunting her thoughts Miranda finds herself chasing someone who just doesn’t seem interested.

1 The Boys Next Door ~ Jennifer Echols

The Boys Next Door

This was the first. So it’s top of the list status may have a small amount of bias. That being said it is a truly original story and started my love of romance books when I was only 13. Lori is a 15 year old girl who has been crushing on Sean one of the 3 boys next door. He is a senior and one of the popular kids at school. But at the end of this summer Sean will be driving away to collage so Lorrie hatches a plan to catch him. But when Sean is seen Making out With Rachel at a Party Lori knows she has to up her game and Sean’s brother Adam is more than happy to help her. But Adam has an dangerous streak and Lori needs to decide just how far she is willing to go for a shot at love.

these books are most definatly trashy and while I may have started reading them at a young age On rainy days these are still usually the books I snuggle down in bed with. these are my guilty pleasures innocent little tales of cookie cutter love. yes they are predictable but that is actually part of their draw. the only thing with this set of books is they do cover quite a range of ages while i feel that they are all able to be read by anyone within the age range i will put a * next to any that are set in collage / after highschool and may deal with older material.

well as i seem to have a poll at the end of every post.


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