Top 10 Love Triangles


 Whether you love them or hate them Love triangles have become a staple in most romances. I must admit I seem to sit with the Love them camp. A good love triangle adds drama and conflict that will not necessarily end in a war (although not always). Not only that but it helps to fill a book with those delicious little Romantic scenes we all secretly love.  Now to me the best Love triangles are the ones that don’t follow the rules I like to be surprised by a choice even if I have been cheering for them from the start.

Honourable Mention Peeta – Katniss – Gale from The Hunger Games

Hunger Games

What irritates me about this love triangle was that there was so much potential and it just fell short. while I loved how the writing made me flow through this love triangle at the same pace as Katniss From Gale to Peeta I must admit that there was not enough Katniss-Gale scenes to even solidify this as a love triangle (hence the honourable mention) it leaves me on my knees begging Collins to release a little novella set before The Hunger Games with a little bit of Gale. He stood no chance spending most of the series away from Katniss, after Mockingjay though I have to say it has to be Peeta (come on we always knew it would be)

10 Edward – Bella – Jacob from Twilight


… Yeah I know it is cliché but this was the love triangle which started the passion. The twihards invented the “team” aspect of the love triangle and therefore twilight just makes it into 10th place with an honourable mention. And really this love triangle really had its moments. This series gets a lot of hate but that is only because it built up such a following. The main problem I had with this love triangle was that it was predictable. The strengths of this love triangle was that it happened gradually taking full advantage of the series format. The only other note I will make here is that in the books I was team Edward but as soon as I sit down to the movies it’s all about Jacob. (And no it is not only because of Taylor Lautner’s Abbs) what makes this love triangle work is the monologue Meyer has running through Bella’s head.

9 Ash – Meghan – Puck from The Iron King


what i like about this love triangle is it is between 3 Fae (admittedly Meghan is only half but she is the daughter of Oberon so still plenty powerful) also between the 2 guys you have something for everyone. Puck is the fun-loving best friend that has been there forever while ash is the mysterious broody guy she was never meant to be with. While i havent read the last book yet (yes it has been out for a while but i am reading through this series again now so soon i will have) i am fairly confident about how this will finish as it seems to follow all the rules. that being said Love triangles where the obvious choice is forbidden do add an element of possibility that anything could happen

8 Graham – Emma – Reid from Between The Lines

Between The Lines

As a general rule I don’t like books that focus around celebrity but the paparazzi are what make this Love Triangle work. Graham is the mysterious guy who after one kiss just leaves the picture and he may or may not be sleeping with the queen bitch Brooke. Reid Alexander is the Teen heart-throb not exactly known for his committed relationships. But he swears that Emma is different. When Emma kisses him less than 24 hours after kissing graham she finds herself catapulted into a relationship with her co-star with who she has electric chemistry. There is no denying the attraction to both of these guys however I would still automatically assume she ends up with graham if it were not for the fact that the story is half told through the eyes of one Mr Reid Alexander.

7 Gage – Cassidy – Tyler from From Ashes

From Ashes

This is the classic tale of the best friend VS the new guy. Now while I don’t necessarily like everything Cassidy does this love triangle is truly magic. While Tyler may not of had much of a chance at Cassidy’s heart he still manages to keep Gage out of the Picture long enough to take a crack at it. While who Cassidy ends up with is predictable this makes the list because this is one of the few Love Triangles where one of the competitors actually does something to try and win the heart of the person in the middle of the triangle by beating out the third person. the other thing I like is just when one love triangle is solved yet another one pops up which really leads you to question the inevitable end (if only a little) also I loved hearing parts of the story told by one of the sides of the triangle rather than just the centre

6 Seth – Aislinn – Keenan from Wicked Lovely

Wicked Lovely

What I really love about this love triangle is that you never have any question that Aislinn belongs with Seth however it seems inevitable that she will end up with Keenan. Keenan is Fae. not only is he fae but he is the Summer king and he has chosen Aislinn as his queen as she starts becoming fae she has 2 choices become a summer girl who would need to be around Keenan forever OR risk becoming a winter fae to become his queen. Either way it seems Seth is destined to become part of her past.

5 Tamini – Laurel – David from Wings 


While if I was rating series this may not have made it this far up the list the love triangle in this series was just a little unconventional. Also it gets bonus points for a truly tragic ending (I implore you when Pike warns you about reading the end READ IT). It takes a nice/ok series and makes it amazing all in one chapter. The interesting thing about this love triangle was it was a choice between who she had been and who people thought she should become. But at the same time either guy could fit either role. Tamini had been in love with Laurel since quite literally before she could remember, while David was Laurels first love (that she could remember) and one of the only humans she could trust with everything.

4 Adam – Rachel – Sean OR Adam – Lori – Sean from The Boys Next Door

The Boys Next Door

the interesting thing about this love triangle is at first it may seem as if it is the story of a Love triangle as told by someone who while crushing on one of the main players is not actually involved in it (or is she) the way the love story progresses makes the love triangle make perfect sense and I love the Happy Ending it is only a quick trashy teen read after all. Admittedly where this love triangle fell short is that only one of these guys really caught my eye throughout the story. Love you Adam

3 Dimitri – Rose – Adrian from Vampire Academy

Vampire Academy

A list of love triangles would not be complete without mention this trio. if for no other reason than i would be beaten to death by the fans (and as i am one, that would be suicide which is illegal here). She is a kick ass schoolgirl learning to be a guardian (basically a bodyguard) Dimitri is her teacher but understands her in a way that nobody else can. Dimitri and Rose are equals in their relationship despite the fact that he is older and her teacher. Considering that Adrian shouldn’t have a chance. Him and Rose are not equals (she is so much stronger than him), he is just another party boy, although he is incredibly charming. It is only Dimiti’s sense of right and wrong that pushes Rose into Adrian’s arms. that being said it was always fairly obvious how this would end.

2 Jem – Tessa – Will From Clockwork Angel

Clockwork Angel

This love triangle has yet to reach a conclusion but usually by the conclusion of the second book you will be almost certain as to how it will end. In this case I am not. while the two males are the archetype for love triangles (Jem the “good guy” gentleman and Will the “bad boy” with a secret and a fierce sense of loyalty) I have fallen in love with both of these boys and this is one instance where I cannot pick a “team” based on Clare’s other books I can make guesses as to who comes out on top but I will be disappointed if I am right (mind you will be just as disappointed if I am wrong as well). And that is the making of a truly great Love triangle.

1 Melanie – Jarrod – Wanda – Ian from The Host.

The Host

This was such an interesting and original love triangle. Not only is it “the only book to contain a love triangle with only 2 bodies” it also has a second love triangle just because one love triangle is never enough. This is one of few books that actually contains a love triangle with 2 girls rather than 2 guys (sure the other love triangle has 2 guys but her we need some imaginary eye candy). Definite bonus to this Love triangle is you have no way of telling who would end up with Melanie/Wanda.

So what do you thing of love triangles? are they just useless pieces of conflict or tools used to paint a beautiful picture of true love?

what are your favourite Love Triangles i am always looking for a good one.


2 thoughts on “Top 10 Love Triangles

  1. Wonderful post! 🙂
    Funny thing is I’ve never actually encountered a book where my first choice in the Love triangle didn’t work out. Like you said, most of them are very predictable 🙂
    Cheers 🙂

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