E-Reader the Love/hate Relationship.

So for Christmas i got my new toy a cute little Kobo that I have already stocked with over 100 books.  admittedly I have yet to pay for one of them.

This access to free books is one of the 3 main reasons that I asked Santa for an E-reader despite the fact that I Maintain that I hate them. now before I get the hate mail. I do most certainly believe in paying authors for their work which is why after reading these books I make a difficult decision. Either I go hunting for a beautiful (hopefully) hard copy of the book or I delete the file. this way it is no different from borrowing the book from the library (without the crazy wait time/ ridiculous reservation fee’s) and in the end if I am going to pay for a book it is much better for retailers, authors, publishers and basically anyone in the business that I am spending more and supporting a larger industry as I can not afford to be buying both. now I do admit that if i do happen to buy the book I will keep the E-book copy. it is defiantly my belief that if you buy a hard copy of a book it should come with an e-book version. this is no different to people who can import CDs into iTunes.  although once I have a copy chances are the that the E-book will just sit on my E-shelves gathering E-dust until such a time as I am on a long boring train ride.

The second reason that i have grudgingly allowed my E-reader into my heart is it loved my books. despite it’s larger price tag put it my wonderful leather case and it is wonderfully sturdy. no dust covers getting torn, no pages falling out, no worry over food steins and it would take more water to destroy it. so when i am traveling not only is my E-reader lighter than the books i used to carry but it lets them stay safe on my bookshelf only being read when they don’t need to be thrown into a bag. as i like to spend a fair amount on the hardcover versions in most cases this is a saving grace. there is also a bonus in as much as mine has a light inbuilt so if i find myself on an overnight flight (hopefully) or in hospital overnight (inevitably) i will not have to worry about reading in the dark.

the third and final reason that despite everything i LOVE my E-reader is that some of my favourite people (Authors) told me to (much to my disgust). i hardly have a choice about being an E-reader owner when some of my favourite Authors see the need to release E-book only novellas between novels in a series (I am looking at you Brigid Kemmerer, Veronica Roth… and basically well everyone). While some authors are nice and release these in a beautiful book like Julie Kagawa’s  The Iron legends or in omnibus volumes like Rachel Vincent’s Soul Screamers the rest of them have sentenced me to suffer through a devotion to my E-reader. For its extra Content, ease of Transport and Large number of free books to enjoy.


2 thoughts on “E-Reader the Love/hate Relationship.

  1. Welcome to the e-revolution! I was a committed print person, until I moved across country a few years ago. After packing about a gazillion boxes of books (I didn’t think I had that many) I went out and got an original Nook. Now I read mostly on my Kindlefire, but there’s also an iPad in the house…hopefully, you’ll come to love your Kobo ereader as much as your paper books, it took me about a year-and-a-half to convert completely. Now the only print books I read are checked out from our awesome local library!

    Congratulations on beginning your blog! E-reading has converted me into a thrifty bibliophile:)

    • well yes i grudgingly admit that as i am currently living in one small room reducing the amount of books i buy may be a good thing. as it is i have a 6ft bookshef that i have filled 2 boxes under my bead and i recently purchased 2 more small bookshelves which are already half filled. i think i will always surround myself with print but i will need to at least slow my purchases until i have enough Space to store them all.

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